Grand Piano Competition

The competition will be attended by pianists under the age of 16 Grand Piano Competition Competition was created two years ago on the initiative of People’s Artist of Russia Denis Matsuev. The authority of the art director of the competition immediately attracted the attention of the world musical community. The main objectives of the competition

“In space, ink does not stick to paper”: the BrainStorm group talked about shooting a clip in zero gravity

The popular Latvian band Brainstorm for the second time became a guest of the online show “OK on the connection!” Last Tuesday. The musicians answered user questions in Odnoklassniki and told about the new album, clips and festival. Users of the social network were able to listen exclusively to Wonderful’s new album day! On the

The historic meeting between Kim Jong-un and Mun Zhe Ina began in Panmunjom

Heads of the two Korean states Kim Jong-un and Mun Zhe Ying began a meeting at the point of talks by Panmunjom on the border of the DPRK and South Korea, the Chinese television channel CGTN reported. The leaders of the countries intend to discuss issues of improving relations between the two parts of Korea

On zamitku: b’yuti-protsesseri dovglyad naperedodnny specki

Naperedodnі lіta Estheticians i fahіvtsі of doglyadu for shkіroyu rozpovіli, yak right vikoristovuvati aktivnі іngredієnti zasobіv, i SSMSC PROCEDURE dopomagayut pіdtrimuvati beauty in perіod, if sontse on pіku. Advertising Campaign Dior Life Retinol і його похідні zastosovuyte is important in osin’no-zimovy period. The components are perfectly cope with shivers, steal pruzhnist shkri, mute protypalnu

Elena Letuchaya criticized the new leading show “Revizorro”

In the past year Elena Letuchaya left the TV project “Revizorro”. Her follower was the ex-soloist of the group “VIA Gra” Olga Romanovskaya, The third main expert of purity was actress Natalia Samburskaya. However, the Flying from the telescreens did not disappear – she led a new project “Flying Squad” on Channel One. And in

London is attacked by dangerous caterpillars

For two weeks, the capital of England has been flooded with insects that are recognized as dangerous. Caterpillars of an oak marching silkworm carry 62 000 ultrathin hairs, which cause allergic reactions in humans. Arthropods throw out hairs as a protective reaction, each “wool” contains a poisonous protein, causing inflammation and allergies. Moreover, the hairs