Place of Power: Mind Center, Body & Soul

Place of Power: Mind Center, Body & Soul

Recently, the center of Mind was opened in Moscow, Body & Soul – and, frankly speaking, going into it for exploration, we could not even imagine that we would be under such an impression. This is not just a place where you can do yoga, have a cup of tea and go home with a sense of accomplishment. There is something more – something that really can transform a weary inhabitant of a big city into a person. We turned to the co-owner of Mind, Body & Soul Daria Silkina and asked to bring five facts about the center (although you yourself know: it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times).

In Mind, Body & Soul is an absolutely amazing space. We with Oksana Razumova (co-owner of the center – HB) for a long time searched for the premises and quite by accident found a luxurious attic on the Clean Ponds – yes, this one, which they could not even dream about. Why are there only windows?

We initially did not plan to do something massive: we wanted a camera – to have a very correct, conscious public around who understands what it means wellbeing. Mind, Body & Soul is such an islet of appeasement where you can put yourself and your head in order in two or three hours. With stress, you do not need to fight – it must be prevented.

Place of Power: Mind Center, Body & Soul

Place of Power: Mind Center, Body & Soul

In our center a unique holistic method is practiced – aura-soma. This system comes from England, she is thirty years old. Invented by her British woman Vicky Wall: it was she who first started talking about therapy with the help of color and light. Consultation on aura-som is very extensive and takes about an hour and a half. Technically it happens this way: a person chooses from a huge number of bottles of different colors only four. And then the magic begins! A competent specialist decodes your color code and subtly determines your deep internal state. Such a transcript allows you to build a dialogue with yourself for the most successful and successful movement towards your goals.

We also have wonderful classes of yoga – from the critical alignment of Maria Amburg on the Dutch method for working with the bone system to the author’s method of Anastasia Kuznechikova SunShineYoga, filled with meditations and deep study of asanas. Separately, there are classes on qigong. We teach an amazing master Victoria Kopylova, which includes in her classes and stretching, and joint exercises, and facial gymnastics, the main classical forms. It is very difficult for her to get into the group, because she recruits a new stream only once a year (but there is also good news: she also conducts individual classes).

Place of Power: Mind Center, Body & Soul

In addition to regular classes, we hold seminars with invited specialists. We were very lucky with the French 15-time champion in martial arts, John Sammut. He has already conducted two two-day seminars on meditation and concentration on the basis of Qigong and Tai Chi. In addition, several times a week we hold meditation sessions to relax and immerse ourselves in the sensation of our own body through sound.

And, of course, we have a very mild atmosphere – they come to the center for peace and tranquility, bring friends and relatives.

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