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Bannak park

It looks gloomy, does not it? To date, every American will tell you that Bannak, located in Montana, is called a ghost town. Initially, this old mountain town, founded in 1862, was the territorial capital of the state until the 1950s. To date, no one lives here, and Bannak itself has become a national landmark that attracts many tourists every year. By the way, every third weekend in July, a number of events are held here, which remind us that Bannak was once in a city in which life was boiling.

Cracow, Italy

And this is another ghost town, located in the province of Matera, in the south of the Italian region of Basilicata. This beautiful city was abandoned as a result of natural disasters. But despite this, in 2010 Krakow was included in the World Monuments Fund and today it is a tourist attraction.

Michigan Central Station

Previously, it was the main inter-city passenger railroad depot in Detroit (Michigan). Officially, the station was opened on January 4, 1914. Today it has become a symbol of economic collapse, as a result of the prosperity of the automobile industry.

Amusement park "Sprypark", Berlin

It was built by the Communists in 1969 on the banks of the River Spree, in the southeast of Berlin. However, it was closed in 2002 due to insufficient funding and illegal activities. Now here the majority of carousels are surrounded by evergreen plants. Every day there are guided tours.

City Methodist Church, Indiana

This is the abandoned church, which was once the largest in the whole Midwest. In 1926, $ 1 million was invested in its construction. True, despite 50 years of prosperity, it has ceased to exist and is now a dilapidated building, which is often used as a film decree. For example, it can be seen in the episodes "The Nightmare on Elm Street", "Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon", "Pearl harbor" and "The Eighth Sense."

1 Abandoned Hotel Grossinger, New York

Originally it was a resort hotel in Catskill, near the village of Liberty, New York. It was one of the most popular holiday destinations for Americans. Every year, it opened its doors to 150,000 visitors. However, the hotel was closed after the cost of air tickets.

Joyland, Kansas

June 12, 1949 amusement park in Wichita, Kansas, opened its doors to those who adore cheerful pastime. For 55 years he was a favorite vacation spot for many Americans. So, in Kansas "Joyland" became the largest amusement park. However, the resulting financial turmoil. Today, its broken rides and rusty structures have to become an ideal platform for fans of paintball.

Riverview Hospital, Canada

The Riverview Hospital is a psychiatric institution located in Coquitlam, which was closed in 2002. But now it has become a place for the filming of many Hollywood films, including "Supernatural", "X-Files", "Arrow", "Smallville’s Secrets", "Escape", "Riverdale" and many others. Also, some say that ghosts live in the former psychiatric hospital.

Cairo, Illinois

Cairo is the southern city of Illinois, surrounded by the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. It was founded in 1862. Had the glory of a prosperous, noisy place. And for the reason, it was surrounded by dams, it was called Little Egypt. Gradually, the economic recession and racial riots, the Cairo from 15,000 people (1920s) to 2,000 (2010). In 2011, during the period of the release of the Mississippi River, the entire population was evacuated from its shores.

Khovrin hospital, Moscow

It is located in the district of Horvino, which is in the Northern District of Moscow. It is interesting that the polyclinic did not start its work. It started to build in 1980, but in 1985 the construction was suspended. It is believed that the reason was not just lack of funding, but also that the building began to be built in the swampy terrain, and this caused its uneven draft. Even at the initial stage of construction, the basements of the hospital began to flood with groundwater, resulting in cracks along the walls. Not only does the structure collapse, so by 2017, 12 meters of the Khovrin hospital have been under water.

Port Lockroy, Antarctica

Initially, it was a study. During the Second World War, its territory was expanded, but since 1962 the port of Lakra is empty. Today it is an object of cultural heritage, which is still visited by crowds of tourists.

Pripyat, Ukraine

Who does not know the history of this city? On April 26, 1986, the civil life of its citizens was violated by a catastrophe that claimed the lives of many people in the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Immediately 50,000 people were evacuated. The city became a ghost, everything was covered with grass, and those who were not afraid of radiation looted the houses left hastily.

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