Planning and flexibility

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Saying that …

Weekend was longer than usual – today we had a day off. So, it was time to think, this time about the plans.

Kind of snack up on may, and, accordingly, on the nose. Bikini season, it’s time to sum up the first results. We have to admit.

Many of you probably familiar? Yes, regular exercise, persistent self-development, control over finances … there is still some obligations usually take on for the New Year? And here in the beginning of the day, you know, that, in the beginning of the game, you can not get a loan.

This is the tipping point. What of the two possible patterns of behavior you choose depends on what kind of mood you will stay until the end of the year.

The first option – you realize that the points of the plan are not carved in stone.

Do not listen to Makarevich, a high probability to move into another world, waiting for this world will SAG under you. Its willingness to change the initial strategy and flexibility in decision-making will protect you from the permanent feelings of guilt and dissatisfaction from farther elusive goals.

Admit the fallacy of their plans and consider the alternative methods of achieving the desired result. Then the probability that the rest of the year you will spend in calm and relaxed state, multiplied.

Unfortunately, not many people can admit to myself, the plan is not working, we need to think of another. Whether from stubbornness, laziness, or unwavering self-righteousness, people cling to the last failed scheme.

Ross was sure that he was the heir of the apartment. The plan does not work, but Ross refuses to the last to admit it. However, in the end, still had to deviate from the intended strategy and return the sofa to the store. More precisely, its two halves …

Tosya is exactly the instructions of a cookbook, but the lumberjacks throw her food on the snow. Only when she starts to cook with the soul.

Some are not willing to compromise their principles, even risking their lives.

They believe that perseverance and faithfulness to the chosen tactics is critical for success. In the film "The most charming and attractive" Klavdia Matveevna Pryakhin Lech guides: "Perseverance and initiative in the most seemingly hopeless situations! Here’s what passes in the end, every woman.".

Panikovsky already understands that the weights are not of gold, but wishing to delay the inevitable violence, proceeds to encourage the gullible Shura.

People make action plans in accordance with their abilities and fantasy. Someone will only last for such a concise plan which author, lacking flexibility and improvisation talent, still manages to fail.

And someone like Baron Munchausen, is not going to limit himself to the usual framework and will be able to disperse the clouds, thanks to the creative approach to their daily routine.

I will sum up my reasoning is the following stanza:

Strategist skilled, experienced, and wise

Suddenly rewrite a bad plan.

And Shura, pontoglio-Golden-haired,

All the saws your weight / the e * LAN / stupid.

Updated 08/05/18 03:26:

My apologies: the text error has crept in. As rightly observed From_down_under, about Tosya was incorrect. Memory failed me, and I misinterpreted the plot. Ask for an example of "Girls" to ignore, because to edit the post later.))

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