Pros and cons of Louna’s new album

Pros and cons of Louna's new albumRelease Type: Album / 49

Pros and cons of Louna's new album

Photos – Olga Malkova

Readiness for change

Any group, if it is not ready to change, will one day become either a corporate exploiter of the former glory, or a sealed sect of fanatics devoted to one name. Louna clearly does not want such a fate, and therefore leaves the usual “social hammer”. The brightest point on this path is the Art song with its references to the world classics of the counterculture and the rolling blues rhythm of the couplets.

Less words, more rock!

The group tried to illustrate this theme by illustrating the song. Turn it on, recalling the truth that was stuck in the teeth. The stereotype that in Russian rock “words are more important than music” is very old, but has never been true and long bored. Moreover, the competition of rap poets is pressing, each of which “knows more than dent, dirty words,” so that a simple heap of obscene vocabulary can not be dispensed with.

Songs Lullaby and Eternal

The group is still pleased with the bright lyrical side of creativity. The lullaby deserves a place of honor alongside the band’s previous lyrical successes – such as the Motherland, With you or In me. In addition, this is the first in my memory altenativnaya lullaby – metal to us 20 years ago, gave Aria.

Accurate and vivid finale

As well as with the monumental “Brave New World”, the album “Polyus” was lucky with the finale. Lyrics Five can be called confusing and even inarticulate, but music makes this thing an exemplary hook ending, which draws a picture of a kind of Bolivian finale, promising a hopeless, but glorious last battle. I hope they get out of it.

Pros and cons of Louna's new album

Photos – Olga Malkova

Awful haste

This album came out too early and in some places looks like some collection of outtakes from the old discs. Most of the songs seem to sound good, but leave a terrible feeling that they are not bad, not good ones. Here, the completeness and the ready-made reasonable assurance that the group felt before was not visible.

Too little specifics

One of the main reasons for the success of the Moon at the beginning of the decade was that she was not afraid to call things by their own names and openly talk about everything that happens in the country.

Without much trouble, the group branded fanatics in More Hell and the hosts of the country in Time X. What is now? Why this much less? The group felt that they had said enough about the social position. But is it possible to completely isolate yourself from the world around? Hardly. Sooner or later he will come to you again. And then, I hope, guys will not change themselves.

Song of Noise

I really want this song to eventually settle on a dusty shelf of oblivion. Approximately the same place where the project “Rock Band” with the song “Pops – the pink mouth of a hungry dog”.

This is the worst song of the Moon in its entire history. Seriously, is it really possible in 2018 to make a serious mistake, scold the “generation of HYIP” and embark on unconvicted puns “creativity – a purulent oxymoron” someone seems a great creative success? Like, we are not hayim, we are the real art. But this “anti-Hag” recently began to look worse than any honest haypozhorstva. Because he gives the hypocrisy. Which rock and roll always despised.

Song of Blades

“We used to go to the Levies on a steep rock, and now with a device under a stupid blog”? It seems that none of the musicians look like a stern old man, so why sit on a bench and try to call all the girls around prostitutes? This is not what I would like to hear from such a group, even if it is within the framework of attempts to change and not to change.

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