Rapper Pharaoh hit the fan right in the face at the concert

In the photo, rapper Pharaoh. Photos: social networks

Popular Russian rapper under the pseudonym Pharaoh Gleb Golubin, during his concert kicked the fan straight in the face. This moment was filmed on the video by one of the eyewitnesses and laid out on YouTube.

On the recorded video, you can see how Pharaoh at first bends around the stage and talks to someone, and then goes away and runs into the face of one of the fans. It seems that there was an unpleasant relationship between the rapper and the spectator of the concert, the musician looked into the eyes of the spectator indistinctly and spitefully during the conversation, after which he strikes.

Recall that Gleb Golubin started musical activity 7 years ago, before he was one of the members of the collective YungRussia and Grindhouse, and was also the leader of the association "Dead Dynasty".

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