If you want to find out what the Russian southern mentality is, then it’s for sure in Rostov-on-Don, a place for those who want to eat deliciously and have a good drink.

The city on the shore of the navigable river Don was founded at the intersection of many trade routes, and here always lived freedom-loving Cossacks and enterprising merchants.

As locals consider, the spirit of trade, freedom and enjoyment of life is felt here until now.

Rostov is called the capital of the south of Russia and the gateway to the Caucasus – representatives of more than 100 nationalities live in the city, and all of them manage to get along in peace and harmony.


In Rostov are not accustomed to save on fun, so almost at every step here are bars, restaurants and clubs. Don fish, fish, ears, boiled crayfish, local beer and Don wine – this is the city’s business card, and the Rostov people will look at you with indignation if you leave here sober and hungry.


Of course, the main attraction for Rostov is the Don River, so first of all go to the embankment – take a walk, fish or go on a boat.

In the evenings dances are arranged here, and appointments are also appointed here, so this is also the most romantic place in the city.


The next mandatory item of the program is the so-called Paramonovsky warehouses on Chekhov Street right in the center. These are dilapidated buildings that are more than 100 years old. Inside, they are struck by underground springs, something that reminds of the ancient Roman baths.


Paramonovsky warehouses and "Rostov Arena"

Right in the middle of the market is the main cathedral – a somewhat unexpected neighborhood, is not it?

In any case, the cathedral is very beautiful and deserves special attention.

In the market you can buy delicacies – fish, fruit, meat – and near the cathedral there is a local flea market where among the junk you can find really interesting and valuable things: coins, gramophones with old plates, Cossack samovars and other kitchen utensils.



The old part of Rostov is the blocks on both sides of Bolshaya Sadovaya Street, where the buildings of the XIX-early XX century were preserved. The ancient merchants’ houses, overgrown courtyards on the streets of Ulyanovsk, Shaumyan and Turgenevskaya, paving stones instead of asphalt – this is a great place for romantic walks. In order not to miss the most interesting examples of Rostov architecture, note two addresses for yourself.

Bolshaya Sadovaya street

On Bolshaya Sadovaya, 27/47 there is a mansion given to a famous actress of the XIX century by Margarita Chernova, a fan. And at the intersection of Sadovaya and Krepostny Lane – the so-called Martyn Brothers’ house, in which, after the restoration, one of the branches of the museum-preserve of writer Mikhail Sholokhov is located.


Monument to the Plumber

In general, in Rostov there are a lot of unpretentious but nice buildings, parks and unusual bronze monuments – for example, a monument to the Plumber in Sobornoy Lane, a monument to the merchant-peddler and his cat in Gorky Park, a monument to the Reader of the newspaper "Evening Rostov", Mechanical heart, Nahalenok and Grandfather Shchukar on the embankment.

Rostov-na-Donu"Mechanical heart"

Crossroads Voroshilovsky Prospekt and Temernitskaya Street

Rostovites themselves in their free time go to the Theater Square in the park named after the October Revolution with a huge Ferris wheel, from which the entire center of the city is seen. And there are fountains and the drama theater named after Gorky, who are also proud of the local residents.

The constructivist building of the 1930s was made quite like a huge tractor – the architects Shuko and Gelfreich wanted to make the theater a monument to the first industrial five-year plan.

theatre square

A little higher along the street Sadovaya there is one more constructivist building in the form of a piano – this is a musical theater.

The most beautiful street in the city of Rostov still consider Pushkin – there, like on the waterfront, ride rollerblades and bicycles (they can be rented), and in the evenings they dance in the open air for live music.

Another, entirely new business card of the city is the left bank of the Don River.

Earlier here came just for the sake of swimming and dozens of restaurants lined up in a row on the waterfront.

Rostov-na-DonuStadium "Rostov-Arena" on the left bank of the Don

But now the stadium has been built there, and the park around it becomes among the locals another popular place where you can spend your weekend pleasantly and profitably.



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