Rustam Solntsev: “Anna Sedokova’s new elect is too poor for her”

At the event, lovers did not depart from each other, touchingly held hands and constantly embraced. The participants noted that Anna and Daniel look great together and are very suitable for each other. Fans also appreciated the choice of an idol and hope that the continuation of the novel of their favorite will be an early wedding. However, time will tell whether the 29-year-old Velichko is ready to become the father of the three children of the singer from the previous relationship – 13-year-old Alina, 6-year-old Monica and one-year-old son Hector.

Showman Rustam Solntsev, especially for StarHit, the leading column “Mama Dorogaya”, in which he speaks weekly about his colleagues in the shop, could not ignore Sedokova’s new novel and devoted her next appeal.

Rustam Solntsev: "Anna Sedokova's new elect is too poor for her"

Anja Sedokova and Daniil Velichko // Photo: Instagram

“The singer is alone, Anya Sedokova, wrote in her social network, they say, now I’m traveling in a supermax with super-friends and super-friends with a super-action, where I was given a supermonazation superhero of the year. How happy I am, ah! – began his video Rustam. – Anya, I’ll tell you so – in fact supernagrady is worthy of Olya Buzova, and you have super-received quite another thing – to give birth to children and like super-rich peasants. To twist them with them in a super-duper way – well, you know what I’m talking about … In general, I also really need a super-child – help brotherly! With me supershokoladka! “

Rustam is sure: despite the seeming idyll between Anna and Daniel, the couple will not succeed.

“He is too simple and too poor for her,” Solntsev argues. “Sedokova is used to giving birth to those who are richer, so that her children’s daddies will keep her.” With the second daughter Monica it was possible, but with Hector’s father, businessman Artem Komarov, no. Although Anna was very counting on his financial support. So now is in search of a new victim. And Danya can exhale – this is the fate of the past, has not yet earned that Sedokova would give birth to him. “

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