Scientists have discovered amazing raven-haired crows

This New Caledonian crows, and they know how to create tools from improvised means. But scientists from all over the world. Or as the last resort the monkey.

Behind these amazing birds specialists from the University of St. Petersburg. Andrews observed for more than 10 years. It turned out that the birds with their beak gouged from their branches with their beaks. A tool is used to grab, for example, a worm from under the bark of a tree.

Initially, it was assumed that crows simply took ready-made bent branches. But the hypothesis was not confirmed. Birds independently and very neatly hollow out them, making them sharp enough for hunting. In addition, the devices differ in shape and size.

For a bird, the instrument is very convenient: the sharper and the longer it is, the easier it is to get yourself an insect.

By the way, people use hooks for about 23 thousand years and appreciate the material and method of processing. It turns out that even crows. Very often they are neatly for a long time. However, they break more quickly than primitive bent ones.

By the way, with such tools, chimpanzees are still doing very well, and they use them for fishing. However, they can not manufacture themselves.

The discovery of British scientists was already interested in paleontologists. They are sure to be in the forefront of the study of birds and ancient people.

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