Screaming and running away is useless: how to behave when meeting a bear

The natural park "Ergaki", located on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, is popular among the fans of active recreation our country. Here come tourist groups, climbing teams and just families with children. But in recent years, a large number of brown bears has become a real problem for park staff: they recorded cases of animal attacks on tourists, in which, in most cases, the holidaymakers were themselves to blame. Today we will talk about how to behave in nature, so as not to provoke a meeting with a predator, and what to do if it all happened.

Of course, the natural park "Ergaki" is not the only place on the territory of our country. These predators are distributed in the territory of the forest zone of our country, from European Russia to the Kamchatka Peninsula. Therefore, if you are planning to rest from civilization and go on a multi-day hiking trip with overnight stays in the woods and songs with a guitar at the fire, you should know the elementary rules of behavior in the brown bear territory. First, let’s talk about how to behave in order to avoid a meeting with a predator.

While in a hike in the forest, remember that bears are attracted by the smells of food. Therefore, in the parking lot, you should never leave the food and food waste: everything should be carefully cleaned, taken with you or burned. Digging food waste is pointless: the bear has an excellent sense of smell, and in this way you will only provoke a predator to follow you for a new portion of the food. During the overnight stay, it is strictly recommended not to leave the food reserves inside the tent: if a predator roams nearby, this will surely lead the bears to visit you. During the night, food should be stored at some distance from the camp.

Remember that bears do not like extraneous noise. These are wild animals that try to avoid loud and unfamiliar sounds. Therefore, in those places where bears are abundant, a tourist group should talk loudly or even sing songs during the movement. So you designate yourself, and the bear will prefer not to intersect with you. Moving through the forest should only be in the daytime, which will significantly increase your chances to notice the predator in time. At dusk and at night, you run the risk of encountering a waking bear looking for food.

Try to travel along the route with a good view. If there is a choice, it is better to bypass thick thickets of grass or shrub, where you can easily stumble upon a bear. Otherwise, you simply will not have time to make decisions: the bear may be right in front of you at the most unexpected moment. The same rule applies to the choice of a place for rest and accommodation, which is better organized in places with a good overview and in open spaces.

If you notice a bear in the distance, you should change the route as quickly as possible and bypass the predator. You need to call the dog if you went camping with a four-legged friend, so that it does not provoke a predator by its actions. Do not waste time on photographing and wait until all members of the tour group look at the bear, as is often the case in such cases. Always remember that a bear is a wild predatory animal, so its behavior is unpredictable.

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And now some advice in case you still met with a bear in the forest.

The first thing to know about: a bear can run at speeds up to 60 km / h. The fact that he is sluggish and clumsy is a complete delusion. Therefore, in no case turn to the bear with your back and do not try to escape – this is the grossest mistake. If you turn away and run, in the eyes of a predator, you will look like a victim. Particularly dangerous are bear cubs with cubs and hungry bears that have woken up after hibernation.

If you encounter a bear, do not shout at him, do not swing your arms or sticks, do not make sharp movements and do not set. Remember that this will only cause aggression in the predator and will serve as a signal to attack. Instead, you should slowly turn back, or turn your back to the bear. Do not look into his eyes and leave the road. You can put a backpack, jacket or any other object between yourself and the bear. This will give you extra time for digression while the animal sniffs and explores your things.

When attacking a predator, you should not resist, as in the bear. Experienced huntsmen in this case are advised not to wave back and try to give change, but pretend to be dead. The best way is to lie on the ground, face down and lie still. The bear, most likely, will sniff you and leave you alone. This, of course, is very difficult to do in view of the great emotional overexcitation.

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