Signs about hair and nails, which are better to observe

Have you ever wondered why, since ancient times, women have been told to braid hair and braid their heads while going to church? Why can not you cut your children before the year? Or why did people burn their cut hair before?

From the depths of time, hair was given great value and endowed with magical power. It was believed that the hair has a kind of energy and act as a connecting element between man and the other world. They store energy, strength, health, destiny and success of a person, so any changes in the hairstyle affect the further life of their owners.

There are lots of signs about hair and nails. We have collected the most popular for you, but believe in them or not, it’s up to you, because it’s all true.


1. In the evening, before going to bed, always comb your hair well this procedure. So if you are confused in your thoughts or ideas, it’s enough just to take a comb in your hand, and everything will clear up in your head immediately.

2. Before the important thing, where you need to be focused, gather the hair in a tight tail on the back of the head. By the way, it’s no coincidence that the office style assumes a strict hairstyle. If you do not have too long curls, at least at home before going out, collect them as far as possible in a bundle; this will help to overcome difficulties during the day.

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3. Get rid of the unnecessary past, stop suffering from unrequited love, ailments help … a hike to the hairdresser. To achieve the best result, in the process of cutting, imagine how the negative energy goes along with the ends of the hair.

4. Carefully choose a master for hair. It is believed that the shears have an effect on your biofield. Ideally, it should be for you an unfamiliar person, not interested in you and having no intent against your personality. Choose positive, not whiners.

Also, his aura should be warm in relation to you: the energy and the mood of the hairdresser. Did not like? Do not come again again next time.

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5. Strictly forbidden to cut yourself. This is dangerous because of it, the problems of the patient’s health.

6. Students are not recommended to cut or even wash their hair before exams, so as not to lose the accumulated and learned information.

7. Pregnant women try not to get a haircut, as it is believed that the hair stores.

8. Can be removed and cause damage, to the charm of ones, even to curse. Therefore, to cut or even just dropped hair should be treated with special trepidation. In ancient times, it was simply a matter of strict taboos to throw out hairs, so that no one would use them with malicious intent. It is justifiable to put on the hair in a separate pouch and hide (under a large stone or tree), or better to burn.

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Hair is second in strength and effectiveness of magical effects after human blood


In many countries of the world there are unspoken rules that apply to nails, because nails can grow our life, but even after it, which is evidence of their independent existence. What should not be done according to mystical observations?

1. You can not cut nails to a small child for a year, since this procedure is considered a ritual of dedicating thieves.

2. That the kid does not have a frighten all with the long marigolds, young mums it is recommended to bite them and collect in a separate box.

3. However, at a conscious age for women, to have long, well-groomed nails, means to be secured and self-sufficient. And this concept has a very long time. After all, only noblemen, not overshadowed by economic affairs, they could afford to have long nails and not worry that they had somehow prevented them from working in the yard.

4. Doctors during difficult operations determine the state of health of a person by the color of his nails. Do not varnish your nails on your hands and feet if you are undergoing surgery or childbirth.

5. And by the size of a crescent moon in the holes of your nails, you can predict without destiny the fortune: the wider they are, the longer life you are destined to live; the more clearly they are, the brighter and more saturated it will be.

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6. On the nails can be seen and hidden pathologies. Many believe that the appearance of the yellow spots predetermines an early death. However, do not panic when you notice such marks. They can also be evidence of a medical complication that can be cured with the help of doctors.

7. Appearance on the nails of white specks signal that we should expect a pleasant event. You can not get rid of them.

8. But the black spots, on the contrary, unfortunately, so the nails with such marks should be cut off as soon as possible in order to warn themselves against troubles.

9. Remember, the cut nails should never be thrown into the trash, they should be washed off gently in the toilet. This procedure is the out of the human body from the impure forces of the other person’s influence.

As soon as scientists do not try to explain all these intentions from a logical point of view, it all boils down to the fact. A belief is just a way to frighten and motivate people.

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