Six legendary hotels in Russia: what they are famous for and what is left of them now

All of incredible secrets of each other.

1. Metropol, Moscow

1. Metropol, Moscow

Now the hotel is an architectural monument in Moscow, the facade of which is adorned with beautiful majolica panels, including Mikhail Vrubel’s "Princess of Dream". Metropol opened in 1907, striking both appearance and interiors. Rooms. In the 1980s, the hotel was reconstructed, wall paintings in the interior were restored.

In the hotel stayed Bernard Shaw, Mao Zedong, Berthold Brecht, Marlene Dietrich and other famous personalities.

Excursions to the Metropole are in demand, thanks to the fact that the hotel remains one of the few buildings in the capital with preserved interiors. Places are booked in advance, but mostly designers and architects come, as well as those who are interested in history.

2. "Leningradskaya" (Hilton Moscow "Leningradskaya"), Moscow

2. "Leningradskaya" (Hilton Moscow "Leningradskaya"), Moscow

One of the legendary Stalin skyscrapers. Dimensions of the hotel are relatively modest, and the exterior decoration differs pomp and grandeur with white and red ceramics, gilding.

In the external design used elements of the Moscow baroque, and inside – ancient motifs with forging, stucco, colored stained glass, inlaid wood, fantastic lamps and chandeliers. Almost everything has reached our days in excellent condition.

During the reconstruction, which takes place from 2005 to 2008, the historical appearance of the hotel was preserved by working on technical and engineering systems.

3. Sovetskaya, Moscow

3. Sovetskaya, Moscow

The history of the hotel is inextricably linked with the restaurant "Yar", which opened on the St. Petersburg Highway (now Leningradsky Prospekt) in 1910. It was still visited by Savva Morozov, Alexander Kuprin, Anton Chekhov, Fedor Shalyapin, Maxim Gorky, Konstantin Balmont and Grigory Rasputin.

The building was built in Art Nouveau style with arched windows, faceted domes and lamps on the facade. After the revolution, "Yar" was closed, in the building "Sovetskaya" there was a club, a hospital, a cinema technical school.

In 1952 the building was rebuilt in the style of the Stalin Empire and opened the hotel.

In 1998, the changes continued. The restaurant under the "Soviet" again called "Yar", restored it, pre-revolutionary interior, restored frescoes and a chandelier in 1912.

The menu also made authentic those times: guests are invited to try pre-revolutionary dishes.

By the way, Rasputin’s cabinet has also been preserved here, but it is impossible to go there.

4. Grand Hotel Europe, St.Petersburg. Petersburg

4. Grand Hotel Europe, St.Petersburg. Petersburg

First, in place of the grand hotel, there were two buildings that were rebuilt into one in the style of eclecticism in 1873-1875. .

The fifth and mansard floors, where the restaurant "Roof" was opened, appeared at the beginning of the XX century. "Europe" was restored in 1991 and in the middle of the zero ones, placing an atrium with a restaurant in the inner courtyard.

Now in the grand hotel you can see the living room with authentic panels and stucco decorations, a gallery of paintings and sculptures of the XVIII-XIX centuries, the restaurant "Europe"the walls.

5. Intourist, Moscow

5. Intourist, Moscow

This hotel complex operated on Tverskaya Street from 1970 to 2002. In 2007 he was replaced by The Ritz-Carlton Moscow, more appropriate street stylistics.

Prior to the Intourist, this place was the first of an apartment house, then the hotel France (the second half of the 19th century), communal apartments (after the revolution). The construction of the hotel began in the late 1960s. The building had 22 ground and 2 underground floors, accommodated 436 rooms. The complex had simplified architectural forms, but it was the tallest reinforced concrete building in Moscow. The halls of the hotel were decorated with stained-glass windows created by sketches of Leonid Polishchuk and Svetlana Scherbinina: "Cosmos", "Earth in bloom", "Man and Woman".

In 1999, Yuri Luzhkov compared the "Inside" with the "rotten tooth", which must be removed. In the capital held a competition for the construction of a new hotel, which won the Superior Venture Limited. The historical the building was dismantled using non-waste technology. The new building of the hotel was erected, taking as the basis of the stylistics of the National.

6. "Russia", Moscow

6. "Russia", Moscow

We built this largest hotel in the country from 1964 to 1967. At first it was planned to put on this place another Stalin high-rise, but then the idea was abandoned and the giant hotel was erected. There were 2772 numbers in it! In 1971, in the southern building was opened the central concert hall "Russia" for 2.5 thousand seats.

On February 25, 1977, the hotel suffered a major fire that claimed 42 human lives. And in the 90’s the hotel began to become unprofitable, and it was decided to demolish it … The grandiose building was completely dematerialized by 2010.

The architecture of the building was close to the international style. The facades of the buildings were distinguished by the clear polished granite. The facade of the building was distinguished by a white lining with a clear rhythm of the windows.

During the years of her work, Mikhail Gorbachev, Mike Tyson, George Bush Sr. people stopped at the hotel. In total, "Russia" managed to receive about 10 million guests, including more than two million foreign guests.


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