Smart ovens: what modern technology is capable of

Smart ovens: what modern technology is capable of

Revolutionary technology

One of the main discoveries of the exhibition was the Dialog Oven oven with a conceptually new approach to cooking. Under the motto of Revolutionary excellence, the manufacturer demonstrated how several dishes can be cooked simultaneously. Each dish remains fragrant, the oven itself controls the process and makes adjustments where and when it is needed. Several built-in sensors analyze the mass and composition of food. By means of soft electromagnetic waves of greater length, Dialog Oven allows cooking faster and without burning.

Smart ovens: what modern technology is capable ofDialog Oven, Miele.

Oven thinking for you

Italian developers have introduced the intelligent Turn oven & Cook with one program. Through the sensors of heat transfer, it determines the amount of food and the degree of its availability, which makes it possible to control the process. All you need is to turn the regulator once, no additional actions and settings are required. Indesit focuses on the easy cleaning of their furnaces due to the unique system of removing the inner glass of the door.

Smart ovens: what modern technology is capable ofTurn & Cook, Indesit.

A technique that “communicates” with one another

In 2018, Whirlrool engineers presented the collection of W Collection household appliances and the 6th SENSE Livé app. The latter allows each device to communicate in a single network and create a coordinated work of the entire system. The process can be monitored remotely from a mobile device. The application 6th SENSE Live integrated Google Assistant, which allows you to manage all the equipment with voice commands. The premium W Collection includes: ovens, microwave ovens, hobs, hoods and microwave ovens.

Smart ovens: what modern technology is capable ofW Collection, Whirlpool.


Generation Y – bloggers and millennials will appreciate the Watch oven model&Touch with a touch screen in the entire door and built-in inside the camera. This device displays a photo of food in Instagram to a new level. Now the dish can be photographed right in the oven. Managing through a screen or mobile device, you can change any settings. And being out of the house, you can always see on the display of your mobile, what happens inside the oven. A nice bonus was a large catalog of step-by-step video recipes that are displayed on the screen right during cooking.

Smart ovens: what modern technology is capable of

Watch& Touch, Candy.

3 in 1

At the stand of the company Hotpoint drew attention kitchen device 3 in 1 – microwave oven + oven + steamer. Switching between these modes is quite simple. This is done through a small touchpad or with a smartphone. Many recipes and the availability of a convenient container will further facilitate the preparation of healthy food. And in addition there is a heating unit. Thus, you can serve dishes to the table in warm dishes.

Smart ovens: what modern technology is capable ofSteam, Hotpoint.

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