Sobibor: drama about the death camp with Khabensky in the lead role

Sobibor: drama about the death camp with Khabensky in the lead role

Film "Sobibor" based on real history. Poland, 1943 year. Into the Nazi camp "Sobibor" Jews are brought from all over Europe, only those who can be of use are left alive. But the Soviet Jewish soldiers who were in the camp, led by Lieutenant Alexander Pechersky (Konstantin Khabensky), escape. 80 people died during it, 170 more out of 300 people found at large were found and killed. Nevertheless, this event is called the only successful uprising in the death camps.

As usually show in the films shoots? Confrontation with guards, secret preparation, fear of failure, escape itself. But Konstantin Khabensky, who made and directed the film, shifts the emphasis. The main thing in this tape is to convey the incomprehensibly cruel regime that prevailed in Sobibor. Though the blood does not savor in the drama, but it is still unbearable to watch it: one nightmare follows another, and the spectator in this terrible turn has no time to breathe. However, the worst is not torture, but the insanity of the SS, caused by their unlimited power.

The concept is strong, but critics point out the shortcomings of the picture. There were some deviations from the historical truth, the most important of which was silence about the Ukrainians, who, together with the Germans, guarded "Sobibor". There are claims to the fact that the tape turned out "uneven", and because of the abundance of characters to them do not have time "boil over".

The historical drama, which became the directorial debut of Khabensky, can be seen in cinemas since May 3.

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Photo: still from the film "Sobibor"

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