Steve Clark in facts and quotes

  • Stephen Clark came from a family of workers who lived in a suburb of Sheffield. Working suburbs, factories, factories, factories and once again factories. Steve had two younger brothers – Chris and Kevin. Most of the working families did not live well. To feed yourself, you had to work – of course, in the factory.
  • At the age of 6 he first came to the concert – Cliff Richard performed. At 11, Steve was given a guitar on condition that he begin to take lessons in order to play the instrument confidently.
  • At the age of 14, Clark heard a sound that shocked him: “I loved to turn on the radio, watch TV and listen to different bands. I knew that I wanted to play music, but I was not sure of it until I heard Jimmy Page. I appreciated Led Zeppelin’s first album at home from a friend … and what it was! I realized that I should immediately buy an electric guitar. That was what I wanted to do. It came to me instantly! “
  • His first band was called Electric Chicken.
  • When Steve graduated from high school, he got a job at a factory in Sheffield. Clark worked for the lathe. And he spent all his free time with the guitar.
  • One day he met a young guy who was also fond of guitars. His name was Pete Willis. The guy called Steve to rehearse in his group. But Clark did not show up. Later, at the Judas Priest concert, Steve met Pete again, but along with vocalist Joe Elliott. They finally agreed that Clarke would come to the rehearsal for Def Leppard.
  • January 28, 1978 Steve became a guitarist for Def Leppard. At the audition, he played the song Lynyrd Skynyrd Freebird.
  • Team vocalist Joe Elliot said that for the first time seeing Steve, the group was in an enthusiastic mood. He looked like a real rock star – long blond hair, a guitar hanging to the knees, a denim vest on the naked body. Joe just said, “Wow!”
  • When the band did not give concerts, Steve was very upset and even wanted to leave the band.
  • Steve Clarke is the author of many “crown” riffs Def Leppard: Wasted, Photograph, Stagefright and Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop). On every classic album of the band there are songs that were written in co-authorship with Steven.
  • Information from the form:
    Favorite food: Japanese and Indian cuisine, fried eggs and bacon;
    Favorite drink: cold vodka;
    Favorite football team: Sheffield Wednesday FC;
    Favorite guitar company: Gibson;
    Hobbies and interests: playing guitar, art, music, theater, cinema, archeology;
    Favorite cigarettes: Marlboro Reds;
    Favorite car: Jaguar E type.
  • Stephen Clarke about his own style: “Try not to copy other people, doing music. But, for that matter, take as an example not just one person, but several. If you imitate one style, its influence on you will be obvious. You can not find your originality. After you try a few styles of the game in a different kind of music, you can work out something of your own. After all, originality is everything! “
  • In 1988, Clark spoke about the band: “As a group we are now much stronger, much more professional. We somehow laughed recently, what we were gullible before! We sometimes listen to our old records, compare them with fresh ones and think, how could we even get through with this! “
  • The success of the group adversely affected Stephen’s health. During the tour of 1987-88. the musician started having problems with alcohol. He went to the clinic, but everything was in vain.
  • Steve long time met with the model Loreley Shellist. Relations broke down in the late 80’s.
  • October 27, 1988, Steve played his last gig in Tacoma, Washington. On September 6, 1989, he appeared for the last time in public: Def Leppard was invited to the MTV Awards in Los Angeles. After Steve decided to take a break from music. He went home to London and started a relationship with Jenny Dean. Internal problems and excessive use of alcohol undermined Steve’s morale.
  • Joe Elliott about the death of Steve Clarke: “This may sound wildly, but Steve’s death was almost natural. Sooner or later it had to happen. Steve looked like a clockwork bomb, which was about to explode. He had big problems with alcohol, and he could not get rid of them. Steve has been on rehabilitation many times, however, he soon began drinking again. His addiction to alcohol was simply impossible to win. We tried to help him, but all our attempts were unsuccessful. We could not keep it under control all the time and lock it in the room with barred windows for the night … “
  • January 8, 1991 Stephen Clark was found dead in his own apartment in London’s Chelsea. The musician died in a dream. His body could not stand the mixture of codeine and morphine, which was not combined with alcohol.
  • Friends and colleagues always remember Steve Clark as an unusual, extraordinary guitarist, an excellent composer, a good-natured and sweet man. He attracted attention, was well brought up, but his inner world was shrouded in darkness. No one really knew what Clark was going through.

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