Summer concerts of Hibla Gerzmava in Moscow

Summer concerts of Hibla Gerzmava in Moscow

June 25 and 26 in the center of Moscow will be the summer concerts of Hibli Gersman. Together with the jazz trio of Yakov Okun, she will present the audience with a unique program "Classics in Jazz". The opera diva will perform on the cozy stage of the Congress Center. G.V. Plekhanov, located in the heart of the capital (Stremyanniy per., 28, p. 2A).

The idea of ​​creating this music program belongs to the Hibliography of Georgia itself. The program, which will be presented by the singer and jazz trio Okunya, will be made up of outstanding examples of European musical academic tradition, performed in the style of jazz. The listener will have the opportunity to see how, in the opinion of musicians, these two seemingly unlike styles are close to each other: the old European academic and the “frivolous” new American.

Today Hibla Gerzmava is one of the most popular Russian singers in the world’s largest opera houses. She sang in Chatelet and Chance-Elise in Paris, in the Teatro Communale in Florence, in the Sofia Opera, in the Teatro del Liceu in Barcelona and Palau de les Arts Arts Reina Sofia in Valencia, in the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theater and in Tokyo’s Bunka Kaikan. Hibla Gerzmava is a versatile person, not afraid to take risks and adoring experiments. In love with jazz, Hiblaprodolzhaet creative search in this genre on the same stage with musicians such as Denis Matsuev, Deborah Brown (USA), Daniil Kramer, Andrei Ivanov, Arkady Shilkloper, Dmitry Sevastyanov.

In concerts on June 25 and 26, famous arias from operas, songs and romances of European and Russian composers, adapted for jazz piano trio with a voice will be performed. All arrangements are made by the famous jazz musician, pianist Yakov Okun.

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