Which fonts are better for using complex data?

The translation of Jonathan Hofler’s printer’s material about how to make presentations, annotations, reports and other official documents is understandable and enjoyable for reading. Commodity calculations, packaging, financial reports and applications present a huge amount of data to readers. Below are several ways to quickly deal with long lists, tiny notes and a lot of

“I do not like trends”: 9 questions to Karim Rashid

Designer Karim Rashid (born 1960) designed thousands of objects and received hundreds of international awards. His name became a household name when talking about popularity, marketing response and the widest specialization (or lack thereof) in design. Can you call yourself a perfectionist? Absolutely for sure! I work with modern culture as a sculptor. I am

Steampunk alive

World exhibition in Paris in stereopairs and photographs. Photo: Yulia Tarabarina, Archi.ru At the entrance to the hall of the Aptekarsky order we are met by a large “harmonica” camera on our feet, we read: the universal road, for the pavilion and the road, the McKelen system, is called “Acme”, just like the poetic circle

Smart ovens: what modern technology is capable of

Revolutionary technology One of the main discoveries of the exhibition was the Dialog Oven oven with a conceptually new approach to cooking. Under the motto of Revolutionary excellence, the manufacturer demonstrated how several dishes can be cooked simultaneously. Each dish remains fragrant, the oven itself controls the process and makes adjustments where and when it