For three seas, around the world and in the stratosphere

Igor Stomakhin / The Tver Region. Tver. Monument to Afanasy Nikitin Afanasiy Nikitin Tver region. Tver. Monument to Athanasius Nikitin. Photo: Igor Stomakhin / The Tver merchant Afanasy Nikitin is considered, if not the first, then one of the first Europeans to reach India. And not only in this he is the first.


Polina Nakraynikova, Editor-in-Chief of the Portal "Big Village" "Samara Arena" The Samara lifestyle, according to the apt expression of one of my colleagues, is "when you come to work with sand in your underpants". Samarans can not decide in any way whether they live in a megacity or a resort in the Volga. Wooden huts

Just Dilijan IT!

Just Dilijan IT! Are non-standard summer vacation programs for children and parents, which take place annually from June to August on the campus of the international boarding school UWC Dilijan. In the approach to the organization of programs, modern trends in education have been combined: eduitainment format – learning through the game, project activity, attracting

Increased compensation for flight delays

August 21, 2017 Russia to the Montreal Convention on International Air Transport. Under the agreement, the Russian law was brought into line with international practice. Corresponding amendments were signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in November 2017, and now the updated law came into force. According to the innovations, the responsibility of airlines for delaying

In Denmark, opens a new national park: we tell what it is interesting

This week in Denmark the new national park Kongernes Nordsj√¶lland (“Kings of Northern Zealand”) opens, which includes 5 thousand square kilometers of forest tracts and 60 square kilometers of lakes, sandy beaches and agricultural lands. Uniting them in the national park will help preserve the natural landscape, the integrity of the fauna and the rich

Top 10 travel books

1. Gregory David Roberts “Shantaram” An exhaustive novel about India! More than 800 pages of the book are devoted to the adventures of a runaway criminal in one of the most contrasting, contradictory and mysterious countries in the world. Lovers of the East will appreciate the detailed description of Indian slums and luxurious palaces, crazy