Teresa Sapey: an architect woman about her apartment in Madrid

Teresa Sapey: an architect woman about her apartment in Madrid

Italian, she has lived and practiced in Madrid for a long time. She received an exemplary education: she graduated from the famous Parsons School of Design, and then the architectural faculty of the Polytechnic University in Turin. There are many projects on Teresa’s account, the peak of his career is participation in the Puerta America project: only the first-magnitude stars were invited to create this hotel in Madrid. Today Sapey is an honorary professor at the University of King Juan Carlos in Madrid. Glossy magazines like to enter it in the top lists of the best designers and are periodically called the woman of the year.

“There was a time when the interiors were clearly divided into masculine and feminine: the first are more laconic and dark, the latter in light colors, full of pleasant details,” Teresa Sapey tells in an interview with INTERIOR + DESIGN magazine. – But today the boundaries between genres are erased. The sex of the author is not obvious, unisex dominates. Perhaps my apartment serves as a good example.

Teresa Sapey: an architect woman about her apartment in MadridThe table in the foreground is the work of the hostess. Around it are V.Panton’s chairs made of polypropylene, Vitra, nearby there is another table – a massive antique. Left on the wall is video art, author Charles Sandyson, right to the photo of A. Ortiz. Chandelier of Murano glass.

I live opposite the El Retiro Park, which is called the “green heart of Madrid”, in one of the most aristocratic areas of the city. Nearby the Prado Museum. I was lucky that from my windows are opened chic nature views and I can observe how the color of the leaves varies from season to season. The building, built in the late XIX century, is a typical example of the architecture of the Spanish capital. And my housing is an unmatched combination of a historic facade and a modern box inside. Over the past thirty years, I have repeatedly changed my residence, but all my shelters have a similar character: it is a white cube, which I actively fill with colored furniture and art. I am a very cheerful person, I include bright colors in all my projects. Especially I like orange. There is even a special shade, which was named “orange Sapey”.

Teresa Sapey: an architect woman about her apartment in Madrid

A bright colored carpet flows from the bedroom into the adjoining bathroom. The partition between the rooms is like a giant layer of cheese. The upholstery of the chair combines many different shades, including the “orange Sapey”.

But for my house I prefer white – for walls, ceilings and floors. It is important for me to feel peace and security by fencing myself off from the active palette that I use in my work. So, during the last repair, the criterion for choosing the finishes was simple: white and qualitative. But in fact, I’m coloristically free! Although here, of course, can withstand the balance. My house is a mix of family relics that were inherited, souvenirs brought from numerous travels, cult design classics of the 20th century, and, of course, objects of their own design. If I were offered in three words to describe the ideal interior, I would say: “Modern, functional, individual.” It seems to me, at me such place has turned out. And it does not look like a showroom, as it often happens with the houses of architects and designers. It is more than a house. This is the world.

“In my house, I never follow fashion trends. However, I’m interested in watching them. I can note that nowadays the wallpaper comes back triumphantly! “

Teresa Sapey: an architect woman about her apartment in MadridA fresh mix: J. Morrison’s lamp for Flos on Adan’s table for Vondom (Diz. T. Sapey), L. Mies van der Rohe’s chair, Knoll, Italian antique chest of drawers – all against the background of the acid paints of E. Warhol’s silkscreen.

I always dreamed of becoming an artist, until I decided to go to the architects. Art – the leitmotif of my whole life, of course, my house is filled with works of art. There are old masters, there is Contemporary art. Especially the mood of pop art is close to me: Andy Warhol’s silkscreen.

Teresa Sapey: an architect woman about her apartment in Madrid

Picturesque work of the XVIII century. – inheritance of parents. “I like to exist among art, I love video installations …”

In my house, I never follow fashion trends. However, I’m interested in watching them. I can note that now the wallpaper is triumphantly returning to the interior! Another strong trend of the season I would call a pastel palette. But natural materials are from the category of “eternal values”. Most of all I like wood and wool, they make the house warm and comfortable. “

Teresa Sapey: an architect woman about her apartment in MadridThe sofa cushions are in harmony with the design vase of T. Sapey for Vondom.

Theresa carefully thought out the lighting system in the house. As she told us, most of all she likes the light that floor lamps give – floor lamps: it’s atmospheric and comfortable for the eyes. The floor lamps have a drawback – the remaining wires are visible, but they can be moved. In the living room are just three floor lamps, all – time-tested, significant design phenomena, all – white: a giant mushroom-like model Big Shadow produced by Cappellini (1998), Glo Ball of the sequential minimalist Jasper Morrison (1998), Arco Aquila and Pierre Giacomo Castiglioni (1962). The last two models are successfully manufactured by Flos. How to live with them. The main thing is to find an optimal place for each work, but it can be anywhere: on the wall, above the table, on the floor. “

Teresa Sapey: an architect woman about her apartment in MadridOne of the walls in the kitchen was painted by Tereza in the tone of Giallo Piemontese – “Piedmont yellow”: he reminds her of her homeland in the north of Italy.

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