The creators of “Saw” and the new “It” will remove the horror about the Swamp creature

The creators of "Saw" and the new "It" will remove the horror about the Swamp creatureShot from the movie "Swamp creature" (1982). Photo:

Australian director, screenwriter and producer James Van, the shooter, among other things, the franchise "Saw" (and "Spells", "Astral", "The Curse of Annabelle", the seventh "Fast and the Furious"), again joins forces with screenwriter Gary Doberman ("Annabelle", new "It"). This time, Deadline reports, on the ground of the fresh adaptation of the DC comics about the Swamp creature.

The third in the core of the team is Mark Verheiden ("Ash against the sinister dead", "Star Cruiser Galaxy").

The edition specified: this year the DC-Universe stream-service is launched, and the series about the creature, developed by Warner Bros. Television and the company Van Atomic Monster, harvested just for him.

The swamp creature (Swamp Thing) debuted in 1971. The following year, "solo" comics. Invented character Len Wein and artist Bernie Wrightson.

Swamp Thing – thinking vegetative humanoid, environmentally minded, staunchly protecting the native swamp from various kinds of misfortunes.

According to the resource, the future series will tell the story of the scientist from the Center for Disease Control Abby Arkein, who returns to his native small town – in the heart of the marshes of Louisiana – where, as it turned out, the head of a previously unprecedented virus. On the ground, the young lady gets acquainted with the activist Alec Holland. After a tragic death, he is destined to be reborn as a Creature.

The premiere is scheduled for next year.

The original comics enjoyed steady popularity throughout the eighties and in 1982 was screened by Wes Craven, "father" Freddy Krueger. Holland in the picture was played by Ray Wise (Leland Palmer of "Twin Peaks").

In 1989, the legend of bimuviz Jim Vainorski created the opus sequel – "Return of the Swamp Creature". With Heather Locklear and Louis Jourdan. The image of the title hero was embodied by Dick Durok, who was directly involved as a dendroid in the first tape, and then in the Swamp Thing series of 1990-1993.

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