The first private mansion of Donald Trump

The first private mansion of Donald TrumpLiving room in the former Trump house (Greenwich, Connecticut)

The current President of the United States, Donald Trump, was 35 years old when he and his first wife Ivan purchased their first mansion – a house located on a 23,471.79 sq m estate on the peninsula in Greenwich, Connecticut for $ 4 million.

The time for buying suited perfectly: at that time, the couple were preparing their family nest in the Plaza Plaza in Manhattan, and Ivana was able to use many of the purchased materials to decorate the mansion in Connecticut.

The first private mansion of Donald Trump

View of the Trump mansion and the adjacent territory from a bird’s eye view

Shortly thereafter, Donald Trump built a penthouse in Trump Tower, followed by a 60-room mansion with three swimming pools and a bowling alley in Bedford, New York.

Then followed the purchase of a house with an area of ​​2,136.77 sq m in Albemarle (Virginia) with its own vineyard and winery for $ 12.7 million. Today, there is the hotel Albemarle Estate, operating on the B system & B, where the cost of accommodation varies from $ 300 to $ 700 per night.

California also was not left without attention Trump: in Beverly Hills, he bought a house with an area of ​​966.19 square meters with six bedrooms.

The first private mansion of Donald Trump

But the beloved house of the current US president is still a mansion in Mar-A-Lago (Palm Beach) – Trump bought it in 1985 for $ 10 million and calls it his “Florida White House.”

As for the very first mansion, at the time of its appearance on the real estate market in 2016 it was estimated at $ 45 million.

The current owners bought a house from Ivana Trump, whom he inherited after a divorce from Donald in 1991. The new owners built a tennis court, an indoor pool, a sauna and expanded the living space on the territory by adding additional guest rooms with a total area of ​​371.61 sq m.

The first private mansion of Donald Trump

The mansion with a total area of ​​1836.97 sq m is a typical example of the Georgian colonial style. The main building and guest house have eight bedrooms, thirteen bathrooms, a three-story foyer with rotunda, a magnificent two-march staircase, a special room for a home theater, a private water park, a private boat dock, and several terraces and a patio with views of Long Island Sound and three fully equipped apartments for staff.

Currently, the house is put up for sale by the agency Coldwell Banker for $ 45 million.

The first private mansion of Donald Trump

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