The last day of Pompeii: found a new victim

The last day of Pompeii: found a new victim

The last day of Pompeii: found a new victim

The last day of Pompeii: found a new victim

During the excavation in the archaeological park of the city of Pompeii, the remains of a man were found, trying to escape from a natural cataclysm.

At the site of the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, archaeologists discovered the remains of a man who died during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD. According to scientists, at the time of death, the man was just over 30 years old. His leg was affected by a skin infection, which caused pain, obstructed movement and eventually caused death.

Scientists characterize the find as extraordinary and dramatic. The man waited for the first phase of the eruption, during which ash clouds were thrown into the air at home, but when he was about to leave the building, a stone slab weighing 300 kg fell on him. His skull was fragmented, it could not be found.

The skeleton lay in the ruins of the house, at the height of the first floor in the V-th area of ​​the city. Earlier here houses of well-to-do townspeople were already found: the judge and the banker. However, excavations of this part of Pompeyev have just begun: three quarters of the territory remains unexplored. Find out about other finds in the legendary city, destroyed by Vesuvius.

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