The lawful wife of Mikhail Zadornov remained dissatisfied with the testament of a satirist

The lawful wife of Mikhail Zadornov remained dissatisfied with the testament of a satirist

Six months ago, the famous satirist Mikhail Zadornov died: he died after a fierce struggle with cancer. Until now, his relatives are dealing with the will.

The well-known satirist Mikhail Zadornov died six months ago: he died in early November last year after fighting with cancer. About the fact that Michael is sick, it became known a little less than two years ago. The artist was determined resolutely and until the last struggled with the disease.

After himself, the satirist left a will, in which he equally divided all the property between two wives and a single daughter. Note that the widow of the artist and his daughter strongly experienced the death of Michael, and the heiress of the satirist does not even want to enter into legal rights.

Note that during his lifetime Zadornov was on good terms with ex-wife Veltoy – she was close to the artist until the last days of her life. As it became known, Mikhail’s legal widow was very offended by her husband for leaving a large inheritance for his first wife. According to the familiar satirist, Michael before death asked forgiveness from his first wife. Besides, it was Velta who spent most of her time with Zadornov during his illness.

“In recent years, his relationship with Velta has become even better than with his second wife. Not surprisingly, Zadornov indicated in the will of both wives. All movable and immovable property he divided in shares between the first and second wife, as well as daughter Lena. Velta Yanovna is a very sensible and wise woman. Zadornov understood that the first wife wisely will dispose of his creative heritage. I know the reaction of both wives to open wills. Velta was grateful. But Elena – not very … She planned to get everything, “- told a friend of the satirist for” Komsomolskaya Pravda. “

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