The most beautiful places in our country

1. Lake Baikal

"Fresh Sea", "Brilliant of the Earth" and "Blue Eye of Siberia" – as soon as as Baikal is not called, the deepest lake in the world. It’s easy to realize that a person is just a grain of sand in this world: so Baikal amazes with its size.

The surrounding nature surprises no less – according to biologists, the number of rare plants is Galapagos Islands. You can go here at any time of the year: in the summer – for relaxing on the beach and incredible sunsets, in the winter – for unique snow landscapes and skiing.

2. Altai

If you want to go really far from civilization, then you are in Altai. This is a real place for contrasts: while the sun shines in one part, permafrost reigns in the other.

Mountains, caves, valleys, waterfalls, rivers and lakes – Altai is famous for its multifaceted nature. To find harmony with the surrounding world will help the local people: the rhythm of their lives depends on the change of seasons, so they are able to make friends with nature. They say that they are both hectic and heal.

3. Lago Naki Plateau

The plateau of Lago Naki is simultaneously flowering alpine meadows, river valleys, mysterious caves and real glaciers, so almost everyone can find something for themselves here.

Part of the plateau is part of the Caucasus, and in the Soviet times it ran through the famous path "Through the mountains to the sea." Now it’s easiest to get to these beauties by car from Maikop. A long way to brighten up numerous Observation platforms, located almost all the way to the plateau.

4. Kamchatka

They say that if you want to be born again, you need to go to Kamchatka. Here the world is not ruled by man, but by nature. Among the places that must be seen when you come here are the uninhabited Klyuchevskaya volcano, the Halaktyrsky beach with black sand and the Valley of Geysers.

Local people still advise to swim in the winter in Paratunsky thermal springs – when the snow is around, the contrast with the blue water is brighter. Also right you can ski right on the volcano, the end of the route will take you to the Pacific Ocean.

5. Ples

Ples is the mecca of creative people. This place was glorified by the artist Levitan: in Plyos he painted about 200 of his paintings. Especially good in late September and early October, during the "golden autumn".

It is worth to go for harmony and tranquility. In Plyos, there is not even a public transport, there is no need for a car here either: a great option for traveling around the city.

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