The most popular ways of cheating tourists in different countries

The majority of tourists, when traveling abroad, hasten to buy there, a souvenir for memory, a gift for friends and relatives. At the same time, many of them risk of becoming victims of dishonest merchants. So that you do not get hooked to scammers, we’ll tell you about the most common ways of cheating foreigners in different countries.


This country is known to the whole world, so you must not extremely careful. In China, tourists often come across fake pearls and silk. However, only those who do not know how to determine the non-original. For example, pearls need to look at the hole, you can see what’s hiding under the cover, or throw the pearl on the table. In silk, you need to find a sticking thread on the edge of the product, cut it and set it on fire. The artificial thread will melt, and not burn, and the ashtray will have smell of chemistry, and not burnt hair.

Singapore and Hong Kong

Since in these countries, tourists like to buy different equipment, the scammers are the most active in this sphere. First of all, always. And secondly, do not give money until the gadget you need is in your hands and will not be tested. So, a common deceit here is the scheme, when the buyer first took a fee, and only then allegedly went to the warehouse for the goods. At this time (in the hope that you will get tired of waiting, you are about the advantages of a different model, which is actually worse and is less demanding. And the return of a person from the warehouse can be expected forever, because in most cases, what you ordered, in this store simply is not.


In Thailand, merchants, right on the streets, travelers to buy. Of course, the stones can be both real and fake. There are no guarantees, unless you are an experienced expert. However, remember that rough stones can not be taken out of the country.


In India, precious stones are also in demand. Do not believe the merchants who offer you to buy cheap stones from them, because they have exhausted their limit and can not be transported on the border your jewelry at a higher price. Of course, in fact, there is no partner, and the stones are likely to be a handful of glass.

All Asia

In any Asian country, it is better to always carry money with you, because the sellers do not often give up. Strongly do not give the seller a large bill, so he went to exchange it. Most likely, he will send an assistant, who you will no longer see. In such a situation, you should immediately threaten to call the police.


In Egypt, a popular souvenir, which tourists like to take home, is papyrus. However, when choosing the place of purchase, you should never listen to taxi drivers or local street helpers – they will certainly advise the shop. It is best to go to a specialized store and be sure to ensure that you are issued a certificate.

Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, foreign guests are deceived no less than in Asia. The best advice is to always check checks in stores. The cashier may well punch you an extra bottle of soda or a product you did not buy at all. And still "inattentive" the worker of trade more expensive mark.


Cuba is famous for its cigars. However, it is better for you. There is a big risk that in the shop you will get the worst goods. Also, never buy cigars on the street or cheap. The best place to buy cigars in Cuba will be a specialized store, mainly in tobacco factories. Buying goods individually, be sure to ask that the box was opened at you

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