“The most stylish”: how the stars hand out bonuses to themselves

"The most stylish": how the stars hand out bonuses to themselves

In the Moscow restaurant-yacht Chaika, the stars were awarded the next prizes Topical Style Awards. This time the most stylish

“Refined style”

It is obvious that this nomination was intended for those who showed real heroism in the case of forced weight loss.

The jury appreciated the efforts Anna Semenovich, which at every corner screams that she lost a lot of weight on the diet, but the prize went away Jasmine (Sarah Semendueva).

The singer admitted that she was laying her ears off diets, but she still had to manage herself. The torment of the singer was rewarded with the honorary title “Refined style”.

"The most stylish": how the stars hand out bonuses to themselves“Unrepeatable style”

Natalia Podolskaya the whole evening shone, rejoicing that her man, Vladimir Presnyakov, noted “For the huge contribution to the domestic show business.”

And she won a prize for “Unique style”. Do not ask why – unrepeatable, it’s a mystery.

"The most stylish": how the stars hand out bonuses to themselves

… At that time Elena Letuchaya whispered with a young man, clothing like a waiter. But none of those present suspected Lena of being a betrayer to her husband, because everyone knows that they have everything superb with Jura. A couple of weeks ago, on the Cote d’Azur, they kissed and hugged.

"The most stylish": how the stars hand out bonuses to themselves

“Stylish Instadiva”

Called the most stylish instrument, Ksenia Borodina melted from the tenderness of her husband Kurbana Omarova. And on the point of tittle Buzovoy, which felt like the queen of the evening and in every possible way it emphasized, the presenter of “Doma-2” answered only with a double portion of tenderness towards her husband.

Alexandra Panayotova is always surrounded by chic ladies. But the singer on them for some reason does not pay attention.

"The most stylish": how the stars hand out bonuses to themselves

Tips from Maitre

Oksana Fedorova said: “Femininity distinguishes us from men, and this is what attracts them to us and delights us.”

The most devoted listener of the recognized beauty was Olga Buzova. Therefore, the elder friend did not regret advice:

– In general, Olenka, “Oksana told Oksana’s ex-wife Tarasova, – You already need to give birth. Here I have two. You know what a happiness it is! And I’m already a grandmother. My daughter is fluffy – Muana, my cat, recently gave birth to three.

– In order to become pregnant, a man is needed. And I do not have it, “Olya said sadly, and retired to the dark cottage on the deck.

"The most stylish": how the stars hand out bonuses to themselves

Photo by Larisa KUDRYAVTSEVA

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