The most unusual airline services in different countries

The most unusual airline services in different countries

Choose a neighbor on the flight, take a seat in the air and sleep on the bed – we picked up the most interesting airline services around the world.

Choice of a neighbor

Where: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Netherlands)

Price: Free

No matter how smart the service is on board, a neighbor who does not fit in his seat and takes half of yours can spoil everything. To protect passengers from a blind accident, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines employees offer a pair selection service.

This can be done in the section “My trip” on the airline’s website during the check-in process. You will need to log in to your social networks account and select the profile data that you decide to share with other passengers. On the map of the seats you will see the accounts of those who have already registered, and the places chosen by them. It remains to find a traveler by interests and register a place near him. The seat with an even more courageous passenger was released – please! Nothing can be changed only when there was one hour left before departure.

City Tour

Where: Singapore Airlines (Singapore), Qatar Airways (Qatar)

Price: Free from Singapore Airlines, from € 9 per person from Qatar Airways

Sometimes the transfer to a connecting flight is several hours. To ensure that travelers do not waste time, some carriers offer free tours.

So, Singapore Airlines organizes two rounds: “Heritage” and “City Lights”. The first is held from 09:00 to 18:00, and the second – from 18:00 to 22:00. However, you can go to them only if between the flights of five and a half hours (as the excursion itself is designed for two and a half hours). To join the tour and visit the Chinatown, the tropical garden “Gardens at the Gulf” and see some other places in the city, it’s enough to register at the Changi Airport’s free tour desk at least one hour before the start of the tour. You can book an excursion and before arrival, on the airline’s website.

Qatar Airways offers transit passengers to visit the four main sights of the capital of Qatar: the artificial island of the Pearl of Qatar, the Cultural Village of Qatar, the Souk-Wakif Oriental Bazaar and the Museum of Islamic Art. The first excursion starts at 08:00, and the last one starts at 20:00. The tour lasts 2 hours and 40 minutes. To visit the tour, the transit time between flights must be more than five hours. And you can register for it right at Hamad Airport or on the airline’s website in advance.

Flying nanny

Where: Etihad Airways (United Arab Emirates)

Price: Free

The flight attendant will do everything to make your stay on board comfortable, even replace you with a small child, while you go to the toilet. In the UAE went further: from September 2013 on all flights introduced the service “flying nanny.”

The airlines signed a contract for the training of personnel with the British college Norland College, specializing in the education of children of preschool age. Now, while parents read, watch films or just sleep, “flying nannies” play with young passengers, draw, show them tricks, deal with them origami, puppet theater right on the ground. Find a “flying nanny” in the cabin is not difficult – she is dressed in an orange apron. Her services are free.

If a child from 5 to 12 years makes one flight, you must order an escort. Its cost depends on the direction of the flight and is $ 60-100. For children over 12 years of age, support is not necessary.

One Flight Chat

Where: Virgin America (United States), Alaska Airlines (United States)

Price: Free

Communication – an important component of a good trip, decided in these airlines and began to combine the passengers of one flight in chat rooms. To join, just connect the smartphone to the Wi-Fi and follow the instructions in the browser. Chats are available to iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Now you can discuss something with other passengers, ask the advice of experienced travelers and, perhaps, even find fellow travelers who decide to join you on the route. Electronic devices will need to be turned off only during take-off and landing. The service is not available on flights to Hawaii, Mexico and Latin America.

Stewardesses in a bikini

Where: VietJet Air (Vietnam)

Price: Free

Gathered to go to the resort city on the Vietnamese loukoster, you can forget about sleep. At least men do not have to count on him, as stewardesses walk around the salon only in red and yellow bikinis. Moreover, when the plane rises to a sufficient height, they also arrange a dance show in their seductive outfits.

The choice of flight attendants in the company is strictly: it is important not only to have professional skills and good health, but also to meet the photomodel’s criteria. This marketing move brought the owner of the airline Nguyen Thi Phuong Tao a lot of criticism. But also made her a billionaire. Places for VietJet Air planes are always sold out pretty quickly.

Heavenly bed

Where: Air New Zealand (New Zealand)

Cost: The price of tickets for three seats, of which the third is available at a discount

Getting to New Zealand from most countries in the world is a difficult task, and in Air New Zealand understands this. Employees of the airline came up with an unusual service: “Heavenly bed.” If desired, three seats in one row of the economy class are easily converted into a bed, on which you can sleep during a long flight, give the children plenty of time to play or just lie down.

The seats of the “heavenly bed” have folding backs and armrests. When they are laid out, there is a semblance of a sofa, on which two adults can freely fit. Thus, you can buy three seats in one row for one passenger, and you can share convenience with your companion. Especially since the third ticket is at a discount.

Spa services

Where: Air Malta (Malta)

Price: Free

Passengers who decided to leave Malta for London or back were very lucky. They will massage themselves during the flight. Two representatives of the Maltese spa Myoka Spa are ready to do a massage for the head, neck or legs, or all at once. In addition, the ticket holders receive a € 20 voucher, which can be paid for the services of the Salon in Malta. The service is available to all passengers without exception.

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