The NASA opened a virtual travel office in space

The NASA opened a virtual travel office in space

The new NASA project was named “Exoplanet Travel Bureau.” The first directions were Trappist-1e in the constellation of Aquarius, Kepler-16b and Kepler-186f in the constellation Cygnus, and for the memory of the journey, you can “bring” posters on a space theme.

– exoplanet star TRAPPIST-1. Its diameter is close to the earth, and it is included in the number.

Kepler-16b and Kepler-186f, despite the similarity of the name, are located far apart. revolves around the double star Kepler-16, and NASA offers there a “trip” with the slogan “There, where your shadow will always have a company.”

  • The NASA opened a virtual travel office in space

lies in the planetary system of the red dwarf Kepler-186.

  • The NASA opened a virtual travel office in space

The original images obtained by NASA scientific equipment were not used in visualization: they only inspired artists to create images – so, in their opinion, these distant celestial objects might look like.

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