The nominees for the “Big Book”: Bulls are, and Pelevin nope

The nominees for the "Big Book": Bulls are, and Pelevin nopeThe finalists of the national literary award "The big book" season 2017-2018 in the demonstration hall of Gum. PHOTO by Alexander Shcherbak / TASS

The first thing that draws the attention of the list is this year is very short. Early nominees to ten, sometimes more, now only eight.

Second, what is surprising – not in the list “iPhuck 10” best books of Victor Pelevin over the years. Caustic as caustic satire on contemporary art, modern society, the Western European philosophers, American feminists, and everything else, including human life itself, it seemed to the Council of experts chooses finalists thing questionable. In particular, unceremoniously (Pelevin in “Iface” with vulgar rudeness and sincere rage falls on the professional literary critics, who, of his passages seem to just choke).

In the General, the 8 writers of the finalists is Alexander Arkhangelsky (“Bureau of investigation”), Dmitry Bykov (“June”), Alex Vinokourov (“People of the black dragon”), Evgenie Grishkovets (“The Theater of Despair. theater “), Oleg Ermakov (” the rainbow and Heather “), Olga Slavnikova (” Jump “), Maria Stepanova (” Memory “) and Andrey Filimonov (” recipes for the creation of the world “).

“The big book”, unlike, for example, from “Booker”, traditionally inclined to reward. So the bulls place.

The presentation of the “Books” will be held at the end of the year. To choose the winners will be the jury of the Literary Academy, which includes more than a hundred people.

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