The scandal continues! Anna Sedakova on the struggle for daughter

The scandal continues! Anna Sedakova on the struggle for daughterAnna Sedokova

Few people guessed what a difficult period now for the singer Anna Sedokova (35). As it turned out, the actress struggles for her youngest daughter Monica (6). Anna’s former husband, businessman Maxim Chernyavsky (32) wants to deprive her of her parental rights.

The scandal continues! Anna Sedakova on the struggle for daughter

Fans of the singer have long noticed that in Instagram Sedokova almost no new photos with her daughter Monica. Now the cause became known.

Recall, Anna Sedokova and Maxim Chernyavsky became parents of the daughter, who was named Monika, July 24, 2011. The singer also brings up her 13-year-old daughter Alina from her first marriage with football player Valentin Belkevich and one-year-old son Hector from businessman Artyom Komarov (27).

The scandal continues! Anna Sedakova on the struggle for daughter

And if several years after the divorce, Sedokova and Chernyavsky brought up their daughter together and found a common language, but now it became known that the singer and her child can only be seen in the presence of representatives of American law enforcement agencies. The former husband intends to deprive Sedokov of his parental rights and permanently leave the child in the United States. On a difficult situation Anna Sedokova told the publication

“For eight months now, I have no opportunity to communicate with her normally, just to be around. Her father, the man I trusted, went against me by war. Maxim decided to deprive me of the maternal rights, and I absolutely do not understand why. I never forbade him to see my daughter, take her. Maxim and his grandmother took Monica to America and went to court, “Sedokova shared.

The main witness against Anna was the grandmother of her ex-husband, who is convinced that Sedokova can take the child who is a US citizen.

“They said that I’m dangerous for the child, I can take her to Russia, and since there is not a pact about the Hague Convention between our country and America, there is a risk for Monica as a citizen of America, that I will not give her,” Anna said.

The singer decided to admit now, to motivate women who survived this and stayed alone with their children, not to be afraid. Of course, it is not easy to fight for a daughter, so Anna Sedokova works as a noodle and hopes for a good outcome of the situation.

“All that I now earn, I spend on lawyers. I’m fighting against the system, against hundreds of thousands of dollars. Since September I have done everything in my power. I will fight for Monica. But in order to pay for lawyers, I have to earn. A lot of. On the part of Maxim spent hundreds of thousands. And I also have to pay. I have lawyer accounts for 50-60 thousand dollars. An hour of legal work costs 600 dollars. Therefore, I work, earn, sing funny songs and fight for my child. “

And today the singer shared a photo in Instagram and openly told about the situation: “I wanted to share with you. For two days now, you know about what is happening to me and Monica. For months I was very scared to talk about it, because I understood how furious it can be. During these two days, the best lawyers on international law called us, the three main TV channels are ready to support and cover this issue, dozens of the country’s best journalists and hundreds of letters from moms who found themselves in the same situation as me! I felt that not alone, that we can help each other. Now, I can only meet with my daughter with a guard who, when we are hugging at night, sleep (and I’m grateful to God for this opportunity, because many do not have it), sits and looks at us. So much, I do not even understand how to tell everything and really do not want to. All the time I doubt if you need it, but then I read your letters and understand that # is necessary! And this photo, it with a smile! Because now, I’m not alone anymore !! Because I will not lose my hand !!! Because, no matter how bitterly inside, I will smile and do my best to help us and those who need my help! Now we # together! We do not break! And love will win and everyone will live together. “

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