The Spiritual Machines

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The Spiritual Machines

Well, let’s rock this into …

a haven of gloss and glamor?

Here’s a bait, and start!

The Spiritual Machines – Evan Frankfort. American producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

The Spiritual Machines

Musical engineer and sound engineer Evan Frankfurt played with sound controllers from 5 years. Liz Phair and Plain White T’s, as well as the composer for films and television series. Frankfurt is a guitarist and keyboard player for many famous performers. He was toured with The Wallflowers and The Jayhawks, and the latter also co-founded the band Les Friction. As a composer, Frankfort has more than 1000 episodes of TV series and dozens of films with his soundtracks in his bosom. He received the Emmy Award (!) As a television composer for such shows as ‘The Hundred’, ‘Super Jolly Evening’, ‘90210’, "Beautiful life" (with Misha Barton), "List of clients" and in the movie ‘Ghost and the Whale’.

Influenced by the work of Kurzweil – Frankfurt, the writing of songs to create a concept of the album of the new millennium. James Gruyudler. The music in his head.

The Spiritual MachinesGrüdler, who was in such groups as Paloalto

The Spiritual Machinesand Golden State,

The Spiritual Machines

sang every song with incredible power and range – so that immediately two geniuses merged into one "Spiritual machine". The Spiritual Machines combines traditional orchestral rock, chorus and instruments invented by Frankfurt.

They were introduced by a mutual friend, and this is what Evan says about James: "He’s a monster. When he sings, he becomes owner. There were excerpts, I thought, it’s absolutely impossible to sing. He proved the opposite every time. I was lucky to have him on board."

– How did you come to such a name for the band?

– Maybe I’m rummaged in the unconscious … or maybe I’m just stole it, because I’m a fan of Ray Kurzweil. I’m sure my lawyer warned me not to steal … but you and I both know the truth. I can scream Ray … I love you, Ray, please do not sue me! Can I call you Ray? Mr. Kurzweil?! (This refers to the American inventor and futurist and his book "The Age of Spiritual Machines" – the title photo – the cover of this book).

The first album The Spiritual Machines – "Volunteer" was released on 12/14/2014 and was dedicated to Ray Kurzwell, the second album was released on February 14, 2017.

That’s all the information I found. So, let’s move on to music. As far as I understood, the band did not have normal video clips and live performances.

"My Heart Wants Blood" – that’s the song for me, it’s all started.

"Valentine ”

"The Man Who Stole The World"

"Aching To Live"

"Anyone Can Fly"

"A Simple Plan"

"The man is Me"

"If I Strike First"

Well, do you think it’s good or bad?

The Spiritual Machines

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