Tiger – the Bull.

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Tiger - the Bull.

Vector Relationships Bull (master) – Tiger (servant). Bull tramples down Tiger.

Relationships will be exhausting for both parties. Marriage is dangerous because Master Bull and servant Tiger, both are too strong. The master can not completely suppress the servant. The fight will be long and go with alternate success.

Tiger - the Bull.

Marriage is very common and rarely happens by chance. Signs are attracted as they complement each other, which result will be difficult to predict. In any case, it is better to avoid such a marriage.

Jennifer Esposito (1973, Bull) – Bradley Cooper (5.01.1975, Tiger) – Irina Sheik (6.01.1986, Bull).

Tiger - the Bull.

Tiger - the Bull.

Bradley Cooper (Tiger, servant) was married to Jennifer Esposito (Bull, Master) from December 2006 to May 2007. The marriage quickly disintegrated, Kuper and Esposito try not to remember about this marriage. In her memoirs, Jennifer called Bradley selfish, cold and cruel.

After the marriage with Jennifer Esposito, Bradley Cooper had a lot of romantic relationships, but Bradley Cooper found his happiness with

Irina Sheik (6.01.1986, Bull).

Tiger - the Bull.In these relations, the couple had a daughter

Leia (2017, Rooster).

Tiger - the Bull.

The rooster has a good relationship with the Bull, and with the Tiger.

Megan Fox (1986, Tiger) and Brian Austin Green (1973, Bull).

Megan and Brian claim that it was love at first sight. In 2004, the young actress began dating Brian Austin Green, the star of the television series “Beverly Hills 90210”. They met on the set of the movie “Stars of the scene.” Soon celebrities announced their engagement, but in 2009 they suddenly quarreled and broke off relations.

Tiger - the Bull.

However, a year later, Megan Fox and Brian Green reconciled, and on June 24, 2010, they secretly married in Hawaii. Two years later, the lucky family was born the first-born Noah Shannon (2012), and a year and a half later – the second son, Bodi Ranson (2014).

Tiger - the Bull.

In 2015, the actress filed documents for the dissolution of marriage, and Brian filed for alimony. Six months later, the couple reconciled and Megan withdrew the application for divorce. In August 2016, the couple again had a son, Georgie River.

Nikolay Fomenko (1962, Tiger) and Maria Golubkina (1973, Bull).

According to Nikolai Fomenko, in his childhood he was in love with actress Larissa Golubkina. And so when he met her daughter Maria Golubkina, he immediately understood this fate.

Tiger - the Bull.

Maria (the Bull, the owner) fascinated him and the couple quickly married. Together they lived for 13 years. Their union seemed ideal, and the couple never gave reason to doubt the sincerity of feelings. In marriage, two children were born. Daughter Anastasia (1998, Tiger) and son Ivan (2003, Goat).

Tiger - the Bull.

The children of Mary and Nicholas also form a vector ring with them (Goat-Tiger-Ox), and they did not bring harmony to the marriage. According to Mary, they were happy exactly until the moment when the first child was born. Scandals began.

In addition, according to rumors, Nikolai did not have a relationship with "beloved" mother-in-law. In 2008, Nicholas filed for divorce.

The reason for the divorce was the uneasy nature of both, Maria and Nikolai were constantly fighting for leadership. Currently, Maria Golubkina and Nikolay Fomenko have a pretty good relationship. However, they communicate exclusively on the topic of common children.

Now Nikolay Fomenko lives in (spiritual) marriage with Natalia Kutobaeva (1975, the Cat).

And Maria Golubkina married Boris Livanov (1974, Tiger).

Relationships between couples are heavy, they then converge, then diverge. Vector passions do not release Maria Golubkina, who, perhaps, is just bored in other ways.

Boris Grachevsky (1949, Bull) – Anna Panasenko (1986, Tiger).

Boris Grachevsky (Bull) lived in (patriarchal) marriage with Galina Grachevskaya (1949, Bull) for 35 years.

Divorce of Boris and Galina was a surprise for everyone, especially for the Boris family. Grachevsky filed a divorce secretly from his wife. Galina not only did not know about the hearing of the case, but she did not sign any papers about the refusal to divide the property. Children of Boris Grachevsky still do not communicate with him.

Anna’s new love was Panasenko (1986, Tiger). A model, an actress, a stripper, a director of dramatic theater and cultural and mass performances.

In 2010, Boris Grachevsky (Bull, master) and Anna Panasenko (Tiger, servant) were married. In 2012, their daughter Vasilisa was born. And in 2014 Boris filed for divorce. The reasons were different, Anna accused Boris of moral violence, mockery of her attempts to make a career, and not wanting to help with a career. Boris accused his wife of treason. Boris left his wife an apartment, which "exchanged" to the last name. Anna agreed to become Panasenko again, only if Boris left her an apartment.

Now Anna is married to basketball player Artem Kuzyakin (1980, Monkey).

Tiger - the Bull.

Anna is an active participant in various talk shows.

And Boris Grachevsky is again happy with his third wife Catherine Belotserkovskaya (1984, Rat).

Sergei Shnurov (1973, Bull) and Elena Brain (Matilda Shnurova) (1986, Tiger).

The novel began noisily and scandalously. Sergei Shnurov was married three times. The first time on Maria Ismagilova, whom he met studied at the theological academy, in 1993 the daughter of Seraphim (Rooster) was born.

Seraphim and Apollo Lace.

In the second marriage, with Svetlana Kostitsina, Shnurov was born the son of Apollo (2000, Dragon). But the marriage quickly fell apart because of Sergey’s love. Shnurov began an affair with 15-year-old Oksana Akinshina.

Sergey Shnurov and Matilda were married in 2010. The couple had a lot of fans, and everyone had already decided that Sergei had settled down and found his "destiny".

In 2018, Sergei Shnurov filed for divorce. The reason is called (Schnurov’s alcoholism) irreconcilable differences.

Can Matilde just get bored?

Although the press write that this is just a PR action, not a divorce.

There are rumors that Shnurova (Bull) too close a relationship with Nika Belotserkovskaya (1970, the Dog). Perhaps Sergei goes into a new vector relationship as a servant? The dog (master) -Byk (servant).

Vector Triangle Tiger-Ox-Dog?

Samu Belonik (the Dog) exchanged for Polina Askeri (1985, Bull).

Tiger - the Bull.Polina Askeri (1985, Bull).

I took my husband away from the vector hostess?

From vector marriage it is better to avoid, as it is not clear what it will bring. Will "a gift of fate" or a hurricane", which will blow everything away. But for work, vector relationships are even useful. For example, in "Dog’s Heart" A brilliant vector drama played through the three Sharikov – Vladimir Tolokonnikov (Goat), Preobrazhensky – Evgeny Evstigneev (Tiger), Bormental – Boris Plotnikov (Bull).

Nia Vardalos – (1962, Tiger) and John Corbett – (1961, The Bull) beautifully played a fun vectorial fuss "My Big Greek Wedding".

PS. Next pair The Bull Dog.

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