Top 10 travel books

Top 10 travel books

1. Gregory David Roberts “Shantaram”

An exhaustive novel about India! More than 800 pages of the book are devoted to the adventures of a runaway criminal in one of the most contrasting, contradictory and mysterious countries in the world. Lovers of the East will appreciate the detailed description of Indian slums and luxurious palaces, crazy crowded trains, deaf villages and noisy megacities … From the first to the last page the book is imbued with a sincere love of the author to India, which can catch even those who, before reading Shantarama, were never interested this country.

2. Jack Kerouac “On the Road”

A cult book in the era of beatniks and hippies. Sal Paradise and Dean Moriarty are the heroes of the book who stand with their whole soul behind the two best phenomena of American culture: cars and jazz.

Instead of the usual description of the famous landscapes, Kerouac tells about the hidden corners of America – for example, the outskirts of San Francisco or the camp of migrant farmers in southern California. This book will take you on an exciting journey across America – from New York to the United States. However, the main thing that attracts readers is the unique author’s style and the flair of light insanity, which literally imbued the pages of the novel.

3. Jessica Watson “The power of dreams”

At 12, Jessica tells her parents that she is going to make a round-the-world trip. At 14 she washes the dishes in a restaurant, and learns seafaring for earned money. At 16 Jessica alone swims around the Earth on a small pink yacht and becomes famous.

The book presents the diaries of Jessica Watson, who in 2010 broke the record, becoming the youngest navigator who made a round-the-world non-stop solo trip on a yacht. Despite the very young age, lack of money and disapproval from others, Jessica managed in two years to sharpen the skills of navigation, to find sponsors and persuade parents to let her go around the world …

4. Greg Mortenson “Three cups of tea”

“Three cups of tea” is a striking story about how the most ordinary person, possessing nothing but determination, is able to change the world alone.

Greg Mortenson worked as a nurse, spent the night in a car, and kept his few possessions in a storage room. In memory of his deceased sister, he decided to conquer the most difficult mountain of K2. This attempt almost cost him his life, if not for the help of local residents. A few days in a Pakistani village cut off from civilization shocked Greg so much that he decided to raise the necessary amount and return to Pakistan to build a school for village children.

5. Gill Adrian Anthony “On all four sides”

Ordinary travel notes through the eyes of an unusual person – that’s what a collection of stories AA. Gill is a British journalist and critic. His sharp mind and tenacious eyes manage to notice in any country what has long eluded the attention of tired or overly enthusiastic travelers. You will see a completely new Japan and Africa, America and Cuba, India and Scotland. And, perhaps, you want to go there to make sure personally that everything is exactly as described by the sarcastic, and in places very friendly Gill.

6. Tahir Shah “The Year in Casablanca”

As is known, the East is a delicate matter. This is a first-hand experience of a respectable Englishman, who, tired of the whims of British weather and the frenzied pace of Western civilization, decided to move with his family from the misty dank London to the fragrant gardens of North Africa. But, as it turned out, if you want to become a full-fledged local, it’s not enough to just buy a house in Casablanca and learn Arabic perfectly. In Morocco, the European in order to be respected, it is necessary at least learn how to eat lemon and to communicate with the genies, and also to have a harem.

7. John Krakauer “In the Wild”

Based on real events, this book tells the story of Christopher McCandles – a young man who left behind successful prospects, gave up money and went on a trip to America, moving farther and farther away from civilization … Both the book and the film taken on it caused a violent reaction and a mass pilgrimage to Alaska, to the places of the culmination of the novel – the story of a young American romanticist turned out to be so emotional, exciting and beautiful.

8. Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov “One-storied America”

Light, full of humor, but, nevertheless, an incredibly informative narrative about the journey of two Soviet correspondents to the United States. Although 80 years have passed since that time, they say that America has not changed so much: there are all the same beautiful roads, the same cult of cars and other equipment, the same radiant and noisy New York and the same simple and identical one-story townships . This book can be used to compose your own route in America, and as an example of ideal travel notes: fascinating, fun and objective.

9. Elizabeth Gilbert “Eat, pray, love!”

Many accuse this popular novel of excessive sentimentality and say that in stores he has a place on the shelf with a cheap ladies’ reading. Nevertheless, the story of a woman who decided to make global changes in her life and went on a journey around the world won thousands of readers. Three countries on the “I” – Italy, India and Indonesia – help the heroines to find inner harmony, and juicy description makes readers passionately want to immediately move into one of them.

10. Alex Garland “The Beach”

The story of three young travelers who have found and lost paradise on earth. With knowledge, the author describes the favorite themes of young escapists: a journey without plans and return tickets, a paradise island in warm waters, light drugs and seemingly ideal community, living apart from the ordinary civilization ..

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