Triennial of architecture in the UAE

Triennial of architecture in the UAE

Curator Sharjah Architecture Triennial Adrian Lahoud.

Sharjah Architecture Triennial will begin in November 2019 in Sharjah, UAE and will be the first such event for the Arab world. The curator of the festival is the dean of the Royal College of Art Architecture, Adrian Lahoud. “The rights of future generations” – so the theme sounds, it is about the rights that are passed from one generation to another, and the role of architecture in this context, with an emphasis on the Arab world.

According to Lahoud, the expansion of human rights, which is observed everywhere, has not coped with inequality and long-standing problems in the field of the environment. Attention is given to individual rights: health, education and housing, which overshadowed environmental rights and collective responsibility. “The rights of future generations” is a proposal to radically rethink the fundamental questions of architecture and its ability to offer alternative ways of existence. “

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