Uma Thurman will star in the dramatic series Netlfix

Uma Thurman will star in the dramatic series Netlfix

Uma Thurman will play one of the main roles in the 10-series mystical project Chambers. Lea Rachel is developing a series for the Netflix streaming service in conjunction with Akela Cooper. Winner of the Oscar for the film “Traffic” Steven Geigan will assume the functions of executive producer.

The project will tell about the girl who received a new heart as a result of the operation. She tries to uncover the secret of the origin of the organ and why his previous owner suddenly died. During the investigation, it begins to change gradually, as if taking on strange and unpleasant features of the nature of the donor.

Thurman to play the role of Nancy, the donor’s mother, with whom the girl has a complex relationship.

Producer company Super Deluxe is responsible for production.

In 2018, viewers will be able to see Thurman in the horror “Further down the corridor” and in Lars von Trier’s new film “The House That Jack Built.”

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