Underwater World of Croatia

A very large number of tourists from all over the world come to Croatia in the summer season. Travelers to this country, located on the Balkan Peninsula, are attracted by a rich history and culture, and, of course, snow-white unspoilt beaches and picturesque nature. One of the relatively new types of recreation in this country is diving, during which you can see the unique seascapes, as well as many representatives of the underwater world. It is also important to note that many sunken ships rest on the coast of Croatia.

The Adriatic can not boast of the wealth of the underwater world of the Indian Ocean or the Red Sea, it bribes others – the transparency of water up to 50 meters!

Fragment of the film about the resort of Brela, Croatia:

We continue our journey through the wonderful sunny, beloved my whole heart – Croatia!

Our itinerary for 7 days of travel through Middle Dalmatia:

"Moscow – Split – Trogir – Split – Hvar – Brac island (Bol and Sumartin) – Makarska – Brela – Baska Voda – Promayna – Biokovo (top of St. George’s) – Omis – Split – Moscow airport"

The weather at the end of September was remarkable: + 22-25, water at sea + 21-22 gr.

* * *

Brela is a holiday village on the Adriatic coast of Croatia on the Makarska Riviera. The northernmost of the settlements of the Makarska Riviera.

The population of Brela is about 2 thousand.

The total length of the beaches of Brela is 6 km.

Brela is 65 km from Split and consists of two parts: Brela and Horna Brela. Almost all of Horna Brela is located in the natural park Biokovo, and Brela is on both sides of the motorway, and consists of the villages of Soline and Donje Selo.

Tourism in Brela began to develop in the second half of the XX century. The most famous landmark of Brela is the Church of Our Lady of Carmel, built to commemorate the victory over the Turks.

In Brela is the cleanest beach in Europe, which in 2003 was in the top 10 cleanest beaches in the world and took 6th place. This beach is called Punta Rata.

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