Valeria – about a candid shot for his 50th birthday: My husband said that I have nothing to be ashamed of with such a figure

Valeria - about a candid shot for his 50th birthday: My husband said that I have nothing to be ashamed of with such a figure

On the air of Radio “KP” Valeria demonstrated elegant shoes, which have been produced for eight years under her name.

Valeria told all about this by becoming a guest of Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. In the studio she came with her husband.

Disputes about candid photos

– Valeria, can you say how old you were?

– In the era of the Internet, it’s impossible to hide anything. Yes, I’m 50 years old. As many of my friends say, they crossed this line: “On the other side, exactly the same.” Of course, this figure surprises me, of course, because nothing in my life has changed much.

– You celebrated the anniversary cover in gloss, where fans saw you naked. By the way, according to the journalistic world such a legend goes: say, Joseph threw off your candid photo to show that he was lucky with his wife.

– Of course, Joseph was for this photo to be published. He is a progressive person, believes that one should be proud of his physical form. I wonder how it combines the education that he received in the Caucasus (usually eastern men say: everything is mine, I will not give it to anyone), and at the same time is ready to share personal photos with the whole world. He calmed me down: “Look, everything is so noble, it’s not gone, I’m really proud of you”.

– You did not scold him?

– We argued a lot on this topic. On the other hand, there is nothing like this in this survey. I spend all my life watching for myself, I have a decent physical shape. They argued, argued, but still took it – the cover came out.

– This is your second erotic shooting. The first was in 2009 for the magazine MAXIM. Also, probably, the work of Joseph?

– He also persuaded (smiles). Filmed in Thailand on the islands. An American photographer, who worked before with many supermodels of the world, flew to the shooting with a temperature of 40. He, poor, literally knelt down, tried, shot. And next to this photographer wandered

Joseph and I photographed in parallel on the phone. So my husband turned out shots even better than this famous photographer! Probably, because all the same Yosya looked at me with enamored eyes. That photo shoot was generally puritanical. The usual beach story, very decent, calm.

Valeria - about a candid shot for his 50th birthday: My husband said that I have nothing to be ashamed of with such a figure

Valeria is in excellent shape! Photo: Natalia AREFIEVA

Half a million dollars invested in a diet

– Now a new joke has appeared: what would you eat to lose weight, ask Valeria. You recently released system of dietary nutrition. I read the menu: amaranth porridge. What kind of animal is this?

– I myself first studied amaranth porridge with a dictionary. Amaranth is a plant with small flowers. In South America and Mexico, in India, Nepal and China, it is grinded into cereals and porridge is boiled. In the amarante a huge amount of vitamins. I am a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, I try to eat right all my life. I have tried many different diets with the delivery of proper nutrition (now it is a popular service), but I have not been able to stay longer for two weeks because they bring useful food, but tasteless, fresh. And I want food to bring pleasure. She shared her idea with Emin Agalarov (a singer, a businessman.) – Ed.). He directly admired with delight: super, we are started. I took the preparation process for five months. It was necessary to get the right team. The kitchen was set by the chef of all Emin’s restaurants, and, of course, we also attracted a candidate of medical sciences, a nutritionist. And my personal contribution here, of course, is in every dish. I absolutely tested everything, worked on it with technologists and nutritionists.

We have just launched a premium-class menu, it’s quite expensive (3,500 rubles a day – Ed.), Because there are octopuses, artichokes, asparagus, etc. Now we want to make a more democratic line of food. And this is not only to lose weight directed. Someone wants, for example, to build muscle. Please, there is such a program. Someone is interested in a lactose-free diet. Someone, for example, is a vegetarian. We even have vegan food for fasting.

– We see, Joseph has decently grown thin. Also on this food sits?

– Yes, I dropped 8 kilos. And my mother, too. She lost 7 kilograms. The secret of what? There is need a little, but often. The guys who work with me, laugh: you again eat, or what? I’m always with these boxes.

– You also have your own line of shoes. What is more profitable, and what can be regarded as a hobby?

– I never in my life would not do what I’m not interested. Because I do not see myself as a calculating business lady, who is ready to do anything to earn a penny. This is not my story.

– Do you wear these shoes?

– I wear it. These are the most comfortable boats in the world. They have all the colors of the rainbow.

As for food, it’s hard for me to talk about profits, because we just opened. But the beginning is cheerful.

– And what is the amount of investment?

– Somewhere half a million dollars.

Penalties for abuse

– How did your family react to the memoirs of your first husband, Leonid Yaroshevsky? He wrote in his book: they say that I stand behind the success of Valeria, she owes me everything. Then he told me that he allegedly tried to put his hands on himself when you left Shulgin for him …

– All this is his imagination, of course. My mother was very nice to Lena, it seemed to me that he was also with my mother. And I never said anything bad about him, on the contrary, contrary to my second wife (the producer Alexander Shulgin, from whom the singer left because of constant beatings.) – Ed.) Said that Yaroshevsky was much more decent. Has passed neither more nor less than 30 years, and the person starts to blame you … For God’s sake, let him write. The other thing is bad: I used to consider Yaroshevsky first love, but now I have it in the category “first mistake”.

– Joseph probably tried to talk to him like a man?

– Of course not. The husband says: “It’s funny to even discuss. This will only attract more attention to him. ” But my mother was hurt that he and her in an incomprehensible light put in his book. Ugly story.

– They say you have a strong character. For example, your mother complains that you forbid her to eat bread.

– Bread to her detriment. Mom is a good fellow, is engaged with the fitness trainer at home. It makes her so good! By the way, she has an anniversary at the end of April, 80 years. I think she will meet him in a worthy manner.

– Rumor has it that you fine your husband, if you suddenly hear that he swears on the phone.

– Mat at home is excluded. Fines existed when the children were small. I fined them for slang. Suppose, a fine – ten pages of text to read. It was more of a game. And, I think, she liked children. And we mobilized.

– And Joseph still fined?

– Then he would have to read and read (laughs). From morning till night.

Valeria - about a candid shot for his 50th birthday: My husband said that I have nothing to be ashamed of with such a figure

The singer admits: “Now my form is better than in my youth. I will not say that it is ideal, but my husband is proud of me! “Photo: Natalia AREFIEVA


On the most difficult choice in life

– Probably, all the same the most difficult choice was at the moment when I made a decision about choosing a profession, – says Valeria. – Although I understood very well that I can not live without music. When a girl is studying in the city of Atkarsk in the Saratov region, then to enter the Gnesin Institute, she needs to graduate from a music school. She does not have this education – a music school, only a music school. The program of the school is passed so, on top, for two months during the preparation for admission … That is, there is really little chance of getting involved: no connections, no money, no acquaintances. Naked enthusiasm. Although there was a gold medal behind her shoulders, she could safely transfer documents to any university. No, we did not look for easy ways. My mother believed in me, we went to Moscow together. And I did. Just because the stars came together, I was lucky.


“I’m friends with Joseph’s ex-wife”

– You starred in a clip from Nargiz about victims of domestic violence. This story with a former husband, the producer Alexander Shulgin, you still do not let go? Have not you forgiven him?

– Yes, I forgave him a thousand years! I do not remember about him and I live well myself. Nargiz and Maxim Fadeev told about the song “Dislike” about this social project. And it was important for them to participate in this video. And the topic of something less relevant, unfortunately, does not become! For many, this is happening today. How many griefs bring rascals to families.

– Many say: they say, so many years have passed, why should Valery remember this, supports his wife, Joseph Prigozhin. “Do you remember Tina Turner?” She also suffered from domestic violence in her time. Do not talk about this can not, do not remember this difficult. And not Valeria is the initiator of these memories.

– In social networks the children of Valeria call you dad. How did you manage to arrange them?

I.P. – I do not divide children into my own and others’. Valery and I have been together for 15 years. Still, it’s great that we were then not afraid to take responsibility for the upbringing of six children (Prigogine has a son and two daughters from his previous relationship.) – Ed.). We try to pay attention to all children. Of course, there are skeletons in the closet, their complexities. In all families there are disagreements. We try to drive children into the head, how important it is that they are not only useful to their family, but also to their country.

– And they do not communicate with their father?

I.P. – No. They never spoke to him.

Valeria - about a candid shot for his 50th birthday: My husband said that I have nothing to be ashamed of with such a figure

Produced by Joseph Prigozhin.

– Prohibit?

– In general, no one bans, – replies Valeria. – We several times happened to meet on the street – Shulgin demonstratively passes by, turns away and does not greet the children.

I.P. – For my part, too, there were no prohibitions. Their father, in relation to the woman and his children, is certainly not right. I Valery repeatedly said: “I am grateful to Shulgin that he turned out to be such a character. Otherwise, I probably would not be happy in my life. “

– Valeria, how did you manage to make friends with the mother of Joseph’s youngest daughter?

AT.: – I do for peace in the whole world. I would be friends with the first wife of Joseph (mother of the senior children of the producer – Ed.), But this also depends on the other side too. We have nothing to share. I did not take anyone from my husband. With Leila (Lisa Prigozhina’s mother – Ed.), We have a common field of activity. She is the producer of the Bel Suono piano trio.

It began with the fact that she began to let Lisa quite often with us to rest. And somewhere Leila and I crossed when the child was handed over from hand to hand. And then she invited me to take part in a concert of her team. I said that I would support with pleasure. And from that moment the warming in relations began. We are now closest friends. We meet without Joseph, and without Lisa.

I.P .: – There are clear boundaries, which we once outlined with Leila. I persuaded her to let Lisa go to study in Switzerland. We agreed in advance on what I am responsible for raising my daughter. Leila and I had a service romance, we were not married. You know, you like to ride, love and sledge to carry. I now will not beat myself in the chest and say how good I am. But when Leila and I found out that we would have a child, I realized that I had to bear responsibility for my daughter. I bought Leila an apartment, a car. And I tried to maintain my relations with dignity. Probably, that’s why our girl grew up so educated.


Show on 100 million: Valeria celebrated the anniversary in Crocus

Many celebrities came to congratulate the singer on her birthday

Somehow miraculously the main birthday of April was able to make a show unlike the performances of Russian colleagues to the 50th anniversary.

Yes, the ball that symbolizes our planet, from which the star appears at the very beginning of the concert “To the Sun”, probably, some hello to Madonna, who also appeared in her super-show from the ball. But there still the ball was a bit different, disco. And then, it’s not for nothing that Valery was mentioned in the British press as once the Russian Madonna, but the artistes should have bright points of contact. (details)


All can kings: Kirkorov gave Valeria a 50th birthday couture Louis Vuitton dress

The singer has promised to put on an outfit for the party after the show “To the Sun”

The royal scope of the gift, Philip Kirkorov, battled the main birthday of this week’s singer Valeria.

The actress invited her colleague to celebrate her 50th birthday in a narrow circle. What was the surprise of Valeria and all the guests of the celebration when the king of the pop scene presented her a dress from Louis Vuitton. As they say, the royal outfit is for the queen. How much does this outfit cost? It’s scary to think. (details)

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