Vladimir Finogeev: Mysterious Worker

Vladimir Finogeev: Mysterious Worker

“Regarding the Mona Lisa, I still have questions. (See the previous issue of “7D.” – Ed.) First: do you think she has children? And can it be installed on the fingers? “- asked Slava. “On the outside of the hand and fingers this is impracticable, in any case, I do not know this method, and he did not meet me in the literature. We just can fantasize about this. Relying on oval and rounded nails with prescribed health and taking into account the complexity of the era, for example, the lack of reliable means of protection, it is possible to assume a person of six children. But this is fortune telling. Is not it better to know the real story? Do you know anything about who posed for the portrait? “-” There are several versions on this score, “Slava began. – One by one – this is a noble person of Lisa Gerardini, the wife of a rich man who, in my opinion, was engaged in fabrics, a merchant. She was about twenty-five years old. Others say that this is the courtesan Katerina Sforza, who at the same time wore the title of countess. A certain specialist in the Renaissance, I can not remember the name, said that Mona Lisa is the Duchess of Milan, who was the lover of the artist himself. There is an exotic assumption: Leonardo painted his self-portrait! Myself – a bit younger. He portrayed his female hypostasis. Probably thought about it, but how would he look if he were born a woman. I noticed that the women of Leonardo in other paintings are like the Gioconda, so he painted himself everywhere? Thinking, I withdrew the assumption. Still, it was a scientist, a researcher of nature and reality. I think the artist tried not so much to write concrete women, how to create a perfect image of female beauty. Summarizing the images of their models. ” The glory fell silent. He scratched the back of his head, tugged at the earlobe, checked to see if the mobile phone was in place, and said: “I did not find anything about the children. However, if you do not know who is specifically portrayed, what kind of children can you talk about? “-” So the problem of children remains unsolved. ” Slava rubbed his forehead: “It seems like that. But I have one more question. You talked about fingers that, when tightly pushed, let light in, that is, they have a crack, this signifies a conscience, a willingness to share the latter, the ability to sacrifice, these people are modest, emotional, and ashamed. Mona Lisa’s fingers are not like that. They are smooth. Smooth fingers that do not leave any lumens indicate the people with a firmly sleeping conscience, they can deceive, act dishonestly, unfairly, make money at the expense of their neighbors or oppress others for their own interests. They have no shame. They are tight-fisted, greedy and able to help their neighbor only when they have too much. It somehow does not fit in with the beautiful image of the Mona Lisa. ” “Of course, we should be aware that our judgment about Mona Lisa is a little superficial. With the gaps, not everything is so obvious and unambiguous. I have already said that the method obliges to take into account the totality of qualities. It is necessary to open her hands and look at the papillary step, large and small lines, the ratio of elevations, drawings, called signs. Check the flexibility of the joints, softness or hardness of the brush, carefully inspect the thumb. What is it like with her? Long or not? Deep or high he is planted? “-” I did not hear about the planting of a thumb, and it matters? “-” Has. ” – “And what?” – “If the thumb is located closer to the fingers, it is believed that this demonstrates narrowness of thinking, limitation and stinginess. If, on the contrary, it is located far from the fingers, so that between the index and the large a large distance and angle, then the owner is credited with generosity, a broad outlook, independent thinking. If you look closely at Mona Lisa, the thumb is visible there, but you can not determine the size, the landing, and you can not touch it, bend it back. And suddenly this is a straight and hard thumb, then by force of character and will a person can stop inherent in him spontaneously the tendency of greed or shamelessness that he acquired in a previous birth or received from bad parenting. He overcomes these weaknesses of nature, does not allow them to manifest themselves, uproots them from themselves and through their efforts, and with the help of God. Another thing, if her thumb was short and flexible, then it would be more difficult for her to restrain these instinctual impulses. And we must allow periodicity in its diligence: sometimes it turns out to be contained, sometimes not. But there is a nuance – education. In tradition, ignorance was the first cause of all vices. Behind him went selfishness and greed. Eliminating ignorance, a person begins to see clearly the consequences of greed and selfishness, which were hidden from him, when on his mind was a “bandage” of ignorance. From wise teachers, a person accepts the true structure of the world. He begins to understand that he has three main duties. ” – “Three debts?” – “Duty to God, civil duty and family duty. And, of course, it’s better to learn all these truths as a child. Because when the child grew up, you can not swab it in a pink basin. ” – “Do I understand correctly that you do not need to be frightened if, by closing your fingers and pointing your hand at the window, you see gleams, but do not you have conscience? Or on the contrary: there are no gaps, and there is conscience? “-” I will say this: do not need to record the owner in the mixture of Nozdrev and Plyushkin in the absence of gaps between the fingers. You can not read a man to the end. It is impossible to tell in detail his past and unequivocally predict the future. If palmists could do this, they would ride on white elephants, and we would bow and throw rose petals at their feet. And here the point is not that the hand is a very complex object and we are not able to take into account all the combinations for the final conclusion or something we do not know. We know a lot and take into account many combinations, but even if we take into account everything, we still will not get a specific event, precisely defined in time and space, so that we can recognize it when it comes. ” – “Why is that?” – “Because there is a theory.” – “And what is this theory?” – “The recording of information on the hand has a symbolic character. And the sign in principle is not reduced to a single, unambiguous interpretation. ” “Are you sure?” “I’m sure.” “Then here’s an example for you,” Slava said maliciously, “road signs.” If you see the “brick”, do not you make an unambiguous conclusion that entry is not allowed? “-” Here the sign is clarified by two circumstances: first, by the preliminary strict formulation “entry is forbidden”; secondly, by an exact indication of the place – by the street, before which is installed. And imagine that the sign “brick” hangs on the door of the registry office. What can you conclude? “-” Here it is necessary to think. ” – “Indeed, and, after thinking, you can write several versions, well, for example, that the entrance without love is forbidden. Or it is not allowed to enter without passports. Already two interpretations. Which would you choose? “-” I would rather take it to the documents. ” – “But you can be sure to the end?” Slava shook his head: “I can not, because there may be other options, for example, you can not enter naked. Or with weapons. Or in gas masks. ” – “So, the final meaning of the” brick “you can only tell you the employee of the registry office, who hung a sign on the door. Until then you will be in a state of divination. And with a hand. Signs hang, but there is no worker who would explain the exact meaning. – I stopped. “No, the worker is there.” “Wait, how is it?” You said you did not. What do you mean? “-” Here we must move to another level. There is an employee, but he sits outside the door, as well as an employee of the registry office. ” – “What kind of employee, explain properly?” – “Here’s what: in the ordinary case, we are forced to draw conclusions, relying solely and only on the signs of the hand, because the hand is available. And since this is a sign system, we will never achieve uniqueness. Never! – I repeated, and for the expressiveness I made a solid pause. Then he continued: “To obtain unambiguity and final accuracy, we must leave a hand, a sign language and” jump “into another access system.” – “What is this system?” – “For the signs on my hand – I emphasize, not in signs, but behind signs – there is exact information about which two systems are aware. The first, the source of this information, is God. He defines absolutely precisely both the essence of man and his future. This knowledge God keeps in his memory. A person has a secret intellect that gets access to God’s memory and hence full awareness, but he has a problem. ” – “What?” – “Take a piece of paper the size of a hand and write your full biography, with a description of all the events. What do you say? “” What can I say? I will say: there is not enough space, the biography will not fit! “-” There! So, it is necessary to write very finely, yes with abbreviations, yes with signs which will be clear only to you. If you give me a piece of paper, I will not figure it out. And I’ll start to guess what you meant here, and what’s there. And you will sit pohohatyvat yes. Understand? “-” I understand. To know exactly, we should not disassemble the signs, but speak with this intelligence. ” – “Exactly!” – “How can I talk to him?” – “But this, my brother, is a big secret.” – “And that, nothing can be done?” – “No, there’s something you can do, but about this tomorrow.”

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