What do pets do when they are alone: ​​14 funny photos

If you watched the cartoon "The Secret Life of Pets", then for. Pets in the absence of the owners come to life. And, of course, it’s not without the pranks.

Did not they let the dog get on the bed? There is a chance that he will do it when he is left alone. The same applies to. Well, and to break the pillows, toys and everything that falls under the paws, for the puppy it’s worth nothing!

Cats, of course, do not concede. Believe me, if you do not follow them, they will definitely play with your shoelaces on shoes, and they will also climb on the window, where pots with plants stand, and they will taste them. There is a chance and surprise your pet sleeping in the wrong place. It seems, in particular, you buy a special basket or even a cat’s house.

But the most interesting thing is that it is useless to teach the darlings to the rules of good manners. But we do not advise you to get angry and swear. It’s better to capture a funny moment with a cat and a dog on the smartphone’s camera. You’ll see, it will be a little time. And you will also show them to friends and acquaintances.

See the funniest publications with animals in our gallery below. And learn in them your pet.

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