What is Johann Carl’s famous Friedrich Gauss?

What is Johann Carl's famous Friedrich Gauss?

He was born April 30, 1777 year in Braunschweig (north of Germany); the boy’s parents belonged to the working class.

Already in three years Johann could read and count so well that he was able to notice a mistake in his father’s calculations (he somehow calculated the salary of the masons, making notes on a piece of paper).

There is another story about the childhood of Gauss. His mother did not remember the exact date when he was born – but said that it happened on Wednesday, 8 days before Easter. Knowing this, the boy was able to calculate the day of his birth.

He is prescribed the expression: “Mathematics is the queen of sciences, and arithmetic is the queen of mathematics.”

AT 1791 year on a young man who did remarkable success in his studies, drew the attention of Count Braunschweig – and took over the costs of his education in school, and later – and at the University of Göttingen (1795-1798).

Already in 1792 the young mathematician discovered that the correct seventeen-corner (ring-shaped figure with 17 faces) can be constructed using only a compass and ruler.

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