What to do to make hair look like in advertising

What to do to make hair look like in advertisingJennifer Lopez

What to do to make hair look like in advertising

Jennifer Lopez

If you compare the photos of the stars made by the paparazzi with their advertising pictures and shootings from the red tracks, and pay attention to the hair, the difference can be seen with the naked eye. Dull strands acquire shine, dry look smooth and nourished, and thin acquire an unprecedented volume. How to achieve the same effect? Is it a matter of daily nursing or is there a special SOS method of styling? About all this we asked an expert Technologist of the Matrix brand Yegor Fastov.

What to do to make hair look like in advertisingHeidi Klum

What to do to make hair look like in advertising

Heidi Klum

Three whales, on which the piling “as in advertising”: the volume, density and shine of hair. You can even give them thin hair. Egor tells how.

The technologist immediately makes a reservation: “It is worthwhile to understand that professionals work on the image of models, and a similar result is not so easy to reproduce at home. But there are a few secrets that allow you to approach this kind of hair. “

What to do to make hair look like in advertising

Blake Lively

What to do to make hair look like in advertisingBlake Lively

1. Density

Thin hair lacks density, which is easy to make up with mousse. But it’s important not to make a mistake with a choice. Classic mousse of medium fixation can give too unnatural a look. Choose a foam that has an easier fixation, sealing and disciplining effect. It is also important the amount of product applied to the hair. For each case, it is individual. It is better to apply mousse in small portions, and if necessary, you can add it.

Recommended tools: Mousse from a range of products for the volume of fine hair High Amplify Foam Volumizer, Matrix, gel mousse for volume Stay High 18, Redken.

What to do to make hair look like in advertisingPhoto: Matrix Press Service Redken

2. The root volume

No less important issue is the creation of a radical volume that will last for a long time. If the hair is not long, it is better to use a spray for the radical volume. Hair acquire a mobile fixation, a natural appearance, do not fall during the day. Spray onto wet hair before styling.

What to do to make hair look like in advertisingTechnologist Matrix Egor Fastov

If your hair is long, then “heavy artillery” is used – powder for volume. Powder is applied to dried hair in small portions on the radical zone. It gives a mobile and strong fixation. Even on the second day to resume the volume it is enough to whip the hair with your hands at the roots.

Recommended tools: spray High Amplify Wonder Boost Root Lifter and Powder for Volume Height Riser, Matrix, Powder for Powder Volume Grip 03, Redken.

3. Smoothness and shine

Among other things, the question of smoothness and shine of hair is actual. The best solution will be a smoothing and disciplining cream. It is applied to damp hair before styling. Hair easily becomes smooth, shiny and flowing, and this effect will remain until the evening. For clarified hair, it is better to choose a nourishing, smoothing cream with thermal protection.

Recommended tools: Cream Smooth Setter and cream Total Results Brass Off Blond Treesome, Matrix.

4. Daily, indelible care

To the hair always remained nourished, moistened and less seized, do not neglect indelible means. 7Dney.ru collected six products for any wallet, which will become the basis of daily care and help hair always look cool.

What to do to make hair look like in advertising1. Nutrient serum for damaged hair Regenerate Nourishmeny, Dove; 2. Nourishing spray without the effect of weighting Aqua Light, Pantene Pro-V; 3. Universal oil mask 3 in 1 "Triple recovery" (can also be used as an indelible care), Fructis, Garnier; 4. Thermal protection spray humidifier Complex Keratin, Kora; 5. Moisturizing hyaluronic fluid-conditioning Hyaluronic Conditioner, Librederm; 6. Spray-mist with aloe extract and formula without silicones Hydrasource Moisture Mist, Biolage.

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