What to see on the weekends

What to see on the weekends

In the photo: a shot from the film "Avengers: War of Infinity"

In the 177th issue of our regular weekend column, we talk about the third “Avengers”, childhood on the outskirts of Disneyland, a thriller with the star of “Doctor Who” and the French Roma. Plus, we recommend not to miss another good Hungarian film and a touching American indie with Elizabeth Olsen and Ed Harris.

What to see on the weekendsAvengers: War of Infinity

About what: the mighty Titan of Thanos, collects the remaining Stones of Infinity to enslave the entire universe. It can only be hindered by the Avengers team, inside which, too, not everything is smooth.

Why watch: the most ambitious project Marvel, to which the studio was ten years, starting with the first part of the “Iron Man”. In the third “Avengers” will be collected all the key characters kinnovelennoy, including the Guardians of the galaxy and Spider-Man. It is in this part that the deaths of certain characters are expected. To preserve the intrigue, film directors, the Rousseau brothers, gave the majority of actors fake scripts, because of what they simply did not know which of the scenes they knew would be removed and which ones did not. Another important component of the film should be an emphasis on the history of Thanos, one of the most powerful and popular comic book villains in history, whose image on the screen will be embodied again by Josh Brolin. The film itself already had time to be called a superhero soap opera and the most impressive picture in the movie Marvel.

What to see on the weekendsThe Florida Project

About what: Little Mooney and her friends live near Disneyland. Each day is full of adventures and disregard for adults who have enough of their own, not children’s, problems.

Why watch: the premiere of the film took place in the program “Two Minutes of Directors” at the Cannes Film Festival, and actor Willem Dafoe received a nomination for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. “The project” Florida “also figured in all sorts of tops of the best films of 2017, and many critics hastened to call it one of the best films about growing up and the difference between a child’s and an adult’s view of life. Sean Baker put the tape, whose previous picture “Mandarin” was completely taken off for iPhone. And, as in her, in the “Project of Florida”, the director remained true to his favorite topic – a story about ordinary people from the very bottom of America, who are trying in different ways to fight for their happiness.

What to see on the weekendsMonster’s Lair

About what: one day, Sean and Derek penetrate into someone else’s house, where they find a stolen woman. Frightened, they throw it and call the police, not even realizing that they have already fallen prey to the game of a mad maniac.

Why watch: the second director’s work of producer Dean Devlin, who previously worked with Rolland Emmerich. His previous film, “Geostream,” caused mixed reviews, so in his new picture, Devlin decided to slow down and remove the chamber thriller. The idea of ​​the film came to him in 2013, when Deplin bought a script called No Good Deed, written by Brandon Boyce. According to the director, he dreamed of working with Boyce after the release of the film “Able apprentice.” The role of the maniac in the “Lair of the Monster” was played by David Tennant, the star of the series “Doctor Who” and “Murder on the Beach.” In addition to him in the film you can see Robert Sheena, Carlito Olivero and Kerry Condon.

What to see on the weekends

By (friend) a / My ex-girlfriend

About what: after a serious break with the girl Vincent decides never to start a serious relationship and converges in one apartment to an old friend, until one day she meets a girl named Julie.

Why watch: classic French comedy about the vicissitudes of love. The debutant Victor Saint Maccari took the film, and the picture itself is based on his own memories. At age 25, Makkari rented an apartment with a friend, a real madness was going on around them and no one could believe that their relationship was purely platonic. And, as in the life of the director himself, and in the life of his hero, it all ended with the advent of a new love, and with it the need for growing up, as an opportunity to save this very love.

What to see on the weekendsOne thousand nine hundred and forty-five

About what: after the end of World War II, in a small Hungarian village, two Jews pass through. Despite the fact that all their documents are in order, the station master does everything that detain them as long as possible.

Why watch: recently Hungarian cinema is experiencing a real upsurge, which is why Europe is increasingly talking about a local new wave. That’s only in contrast to the same new Romanian wave, Hungarians do not go into art, but are repelled from the genre of Hollywood cinema. The director of the film “Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty-Fifth” Ferenc Teryok, for example, was inspired by the Noir, taking pictures of the muted tones and black-and-white images, which was especially noted by critics after the premiere at the Berlin Film Festival. Showing several story lines (except for the arrival of two Jews, this is another local wedding), Torek ultimately reduces everything to a single moral and ethical conflict that has led to national rejection and the destruction of more than 750,000 people. To some extent, it is similar to Michael Haneke’s “White Ribbon”, but served with much more warmth and even humor.

What to see on the weekends

About what: the head of the record company goes to Kansas to fulfill his father’s posthumous request – to show photos from the film “Kodahrom.” The problem is only one – this film shows only one office, and that it is under threat of closure.

Why watch: an American drama with an excellent cast, including Elizabeth Olsen, Bruce Greenwood, Jason Sudeykis and Ed Harris, in fact, and playing the main role. The film premiered at the Toronto Film Festival, and in April it was shown on the streaming service Netflix. The film was shot by Canadian director Mark Raso, who has already established himself as a master of road-movie. In his debut film “Copenhagen”, having grown corrupted in Europe, the hero was in the Danish capital, in his second big film work the protagonist comes to Kansas. “Kodahrom” is based on an article from New York Times, and through the story of the film of the same name, which really stopped releasing in 2009, Roscoe reflects on the outgoing – history, time and America, which each of us represents in its own way.

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