Who drops the West: the analysis of the start of the second season of the “World of the Wild West”

Who drops the West: the analysis of the start of the second season of the "World of the Wild West"

Starting this week, we are starting to publish weekly reviews of the new series of the returned “World of the Wild West”. This is a recap with spoilers – the material is only for those who have already seen the first series “Journey into the Night”.

The hero of Anthony Hopkins is dead. When the creator of the park at the end of the first season beautifully sawed off with the help of rebel robots, some viewers assumed that it was just a fraudulent robocopy by Robert Ford. But at the beginning of the second season we are shown in the forehead larvae covered with the corpse of the hero Hopkins.

It seems that the creator on the verge of retirement really left his creation, leaving the androids out of the park at the crossroads of self-awareness and freedom. After a bit tiring, reversible and abstruse exposure in ten episodes, we know for sure that the hosts will certainly rebel against their human torturers.

Will this refresh the story? Yes, there will be a bit more of a linear struggle. Will this simplify this understanding of everything that is happening? No matter how it is. The most ambitious and boring puzzle of television has returned to again break your brain and bring to frenzy, sometimes close to meaningless.

Who drops the West: the analysis of the start of the second season of the "World of the Wild West"

Just as Robert Ford withdrew from his work, and co-author of the series by Jonathan Nolan briefly stepped into the shadows: the opening scene, he did not as a director (episode put his colleague Richard Dzh.Lyuis), nor as a writer (he wrote the script wife of Lisa Joy in co-authorship with a Harvard graduate and “Sons of Anarchy” by Roberto Patino).

If you remember, the very first pilot episode running Nolan in addition to what has been an introductory prologue, surprised by the fact that the hero did not show a rod show, and dodged around Dolores brain. Only in the second episode, when the young William appeared and became the conductor for the audience in the “World of the Wild West”, it became clear on which character this bifurcated story will be planted.

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Jeffrey Wright – about the second season of “Wild West World”

But now, judging by the first series, the central figure will be Bernard performed by Jeffrey Wright, who learned about his android origin and now best of all personifies the dualism of what is happening. Bernard will become the eyes for the viewer and guide to the changed “World of the Wild West”.

It is Bernard who is giving the fundamental question for the next five series: “Is this happening now?” We are now definitely not sure when this or that event is happening – in the present, past or future. And the creators of the show will actively use this.

For example, according to tradition, the episode opens a conversation with Dolores about dreams that pretty worn out the viewer in the first season, but now we have doubts about chronology. It seems that this is already Dolores interrogating Bernard, and not vice versa, pulling out information about his dreams. Therefore, it is likely that this happens in the near future, when Dolores and other hosts have already learned to dig in the brains of other creatures.

Hints about the future of the time as a new direction in Nolan’s web are repeatedly emerging in the episode. Bernard says that he is afraid of what Dolores will become in the future, and Dolores herself tells her beloved cowboy intriguing information that she remembers not only her past, but also remembers the future.

These dreams of the future are expressed in the new structure of the plot: now we are frankly offered to play with flashforwards, that is, jumps in future events that unfold about a few days after the rebellion of robots. In parallel with that, as Bernard runs the heroine Tessa Thompson to seek refuge immediately after the uprising, we have shown things to come, when Bernard waited for rescue squad from the mainland led by the commander. The last one is played by another actor from the SkarsgÄrd clan, Gustaf Skarsgaard.

In the first timeline Bernard knows for sure that he is a robot, injecting a dose of liquid, but in the second timeline with the rescuers there is no clear indication that he is aware of his essence. Judging by the last phrase, oblivion reigns in his head, so viewers together with the hero have to rewind time and remember everything that happened between the uprising and the mass killing of robots at sea.

Obviously, a lot of important things happened, and we will be told about it in the next series. At least between the rebellion and the arrival of rescuers have been several updates to the robot: in the scene being shot on the beach hosts ferocious barbel-misogynist, who preferred to showboat zhenschanami and shoot them, suddenly rushes into the breach and literally shouted: “What? Shoot the woman? Only over my dead body”. It’s a very ironic and fatty hint that there was a new wave of reprogramming, which certainly affected Bernard himself.

The remaining characters are still scheduled fairly straightforward and understandable story arches. Maeve goes in search of her daughter’s story from the past, taking with him a hammered into a corner of the park screenwriter and forming with it a most hilarious duo in the next couple of episodes, so viewers easiest way to connect to them emotionally.

Dolores, aka thug Wyatt, head of Rise of the Machines and spared as much to take away the world turning, with one hand, the Terminator, and on the other – the local version of Deyneris Targaryen from “Game of Thrones” (formerly humble blue-eyed blonde raising an army and avenges his oppressors). True, Dolores, entering the new image, went a bit too far with theatrical attacks like the phrase: “I have the last role (after a dramatic pause) – myself.” The man in black (he’s William) is just licking his wounds, enjoying the new rules of the game and purely Nolan’s tips like “Start where you finished and finish where you started.”

Another mystery that will spur the whole second season: who and why you need data collected in the parks of the World of the Wild West? So the powers that be are even ready to sacrifice the whole island and all the employees, if only to get the cherished copy of the digital data in the form of one specific premise. While this premise does not leave for the mainland, the leadership does not want to send help. It is interesting that the father of Dolores, the decommissioned old man of Abernathy, must become the parcel. As a result, the detachment still arrived, so let’s see who is behind all this.

For a long time the promised park with samurais is again given in the form of a teaser – a tiger corpse, obviously sailed from the Asian part of the attraction. There is no sense in delaying with the shoguns beyond the second series, so we are waiting for the second episode called “Reunion”, which, judging by the teaser, promises to be much more epic. It was written by Jonathan Nolan, and directed by Vincenzo Natali.

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