Why to quit a job for a dream can be a bad idea

Businessman and writer Jeff Goins debunks the myths that working for yourself is a hundred times easier and more correct.

How many times, sitting at the desk in the office and carrying out the tasks of the head of the department, we dreamed of resigning and going about our business. Working routine leads to depression, and dreams of own cafe on the ocean or an online store of jewelry made by themselves, cause delight and happiness. But are you sure that by signing the statement of resignation, you will plunge into joyous carefree life? By no means. Be prepared that the problems will increase several times. Moreover, one day you can regret that you decided on such an adventure. And all these stories of famous people who risked and instantly achieved freedom and success, according to entrepreneur Jeff Goins, are lies. Read below his reasoning, published on medium.com.

Great changes are slow

Now Jeff Goins is a famous author and businessman. But, by his own admission, he became like this for no one month or even a year. He did not have a goal and a plan, there was no turning point in life that would make him quit everything and become what he became.

Why to quit a job for a dream can be a bad idea

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“Once in an interview I was asked how I became a professional writer. The author of the question wanted to know what was the turning point for me. Then I answered: “There was nothing serious. Just a lot of small changes that eventually formed together, “- says Goins. – I remember that I was embarrassed by the fact that I did not have a turning point, there was no call to this world … But when I learned to look at someone else’s success impartially, I realized that great people have become rich and famous not so easily and simply, as it seems to us. “

Next, Jeff gives examples. For example, Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975, but only six years later, he signed a contract with IBM, and then waited five more years for the company to become popular and become popular. I.e before becoming a billionaire, it took him 11 years life! The success of Steve Jobs took even more time. He founded Apple Computer in 1976, but was able to convey his idea to people only in 1984, while surviving the dismissal.

And such stories can be told for a very long time. Nobody started the business in a short time. It took a lot of time, patience and strength. So be ready for this and you.

Big changes can go wrong

And yet, despite the stories of great people, many believe in easy success. “We are still obsessed with the idea of ​​rapid change. Perhaps more than ever, given the continuous emergence of breakthrough start-ups and the ease of launching an online business, Jeff believes. – Why? It’s similar to what we see around: we think that a big success is a story about how one unusual person decided to risk and won. But usually things are very different. “

In support of his words, Goins cites the author of the book “Step by step to achieve the goal” of Dr. Robert Maurer, who assures us that we are never satisfied with what we have, and we like to think about changes, although this does not bring profit. One of the reasons is that our brain is programmed to resist sudden changes.

Why to quit a job for a dream can be a bad ideaA photo: Getty Images

“The brain reacts to serious changes, activating the amygdala, the center of fear in the brain. If the test seems too complicated, if the first attempts fail, the fear grows, and the person surrenders, often in despair and at the expense of self-esteem. If the movement to the goal occurs in small steps, the center of fear is silent, and the brain develops new useful habits, repeating the same actions, “says Robert Maurer.

In other words, you can become successful only when you go to your goal in small steps. For example, if you want to lose weight, you must first train for a minute a day, then two minutes a day and so on. As William Durant once remarked: “We are what we do day in and day out. therefore success is not an act, but a habit“.

Instead of going nowhere

So what do you do? Sitting in the office and waiting for your time? No. Jeff Goins advises you to heed the method of the previously mentioned Dr. Maurer.

First, start small. Very small. Most people think that great things are needed for great things. This is not true. Every day in the pursuit of a dream people make this mistake. They want to get to the Moon at once, without making small steps to it. And they fail.

Second, form a habit. All matters – from yoga to auto repair, – require practice. Do not be lazy. Work on what you have in mind, and in time everything will be easier and faster. Habits simplify work and make us better.

And, finally, thirdly, remember that as you accumulate the skill, you increase the demand for it. In the end, leaving one thing for the sake of another, you will not jump into the unknown, but go along a steady bridge, which you built slowly and with knowledge.

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