20 facts from the book “None of us will get out of here alive”

About the authors:

Danny Sugerman is an American writer and journalist. Danny was a huge fan of The Doors and devoted most of his life to them. He was their impresario and biographer, and also carefully studied and analyzed their work. In addition to The Doors, Shugerman wrote about Guns N ‘Roses

Jerry Hopkins is a famous American writer and journalist. He wrote many books on various topics, including biographies of Yoko Ono, David Bowie, Elvis Presley and other musicians. For 20 years he worked in the magazine Rolling Stone.

In the foreword, the authors immediately warn that they consider Jim Morrison to be God, and this is really felt throughout the book. Despite the interesting and even rare material, admiration for Morrison in any situation is somewhat embarrassing. However, you can close your eyes to this – the book is recognized as canonical and exemplary, for it a serious research work was done. In 1991, “None of us will get out of here alive” was the basis of the script for The Doors, shot by Oliver Stone.

The minuses of the Russian edition include a very strange and selective translation of the names of songs, labels and groups – for example, the whole book we read about the band The Doors, but here are the songs from them – Break through to the other side and light my fire.

But if you’re curious to know how Jim Morrison became what he was, and look beyond the image of Dionysus’s rock’n’roll, then you definitely should read this book.

And to finally convince you of this, read 20 interesting facts about which we learned from this biography.

  1. Jim Morrison was the president of his 5th grade, but he was expelled from the scouts for his abuse.
  2. The first love of Jim Morrison was called Tandy Martin. They met at the age of 14 and were friends about 2.5 years. All this time, Jim constantly tested her patience, refusing to behave seriously and endlessly playing it (sometimes very cruelly). Tandy said that she often woke up at night and saw Jim, who was standing silently on the lawn and staring at the windows of her bedroom. In his feelings, he admitted only a couple of days before leaving for Florida to college, but the girl did not answer him in return. Morrison wrung her hands behind her back in fury and promised to “cut her face with a knife so that there was an ugly scar and no one else could look at her.” The next day he repented of his words and asked for forgiveness, but it was too late.
  3. Jim Morrison read much more than all classmates, but he had a rather unusual taste. So, one teacher even went to the Library of Congress to check if there are any books that Jim told about. Particularly he was surprised that some of the books turned out to be treatises of the 17-18th century on demonology.
  4. To justify himself, Jim often told fictitious stories with a lot of details – for example, he did not come to school due to the fact that he was being pursued by a gang of gypsies-kidnappers. And once his mother, Klaru, the director called and asked how the operation to remove the tumor from Jim’s brain was, because that’s why he had to leave the lessons, right?
  5. The famous violent head of Morrison inspired by the image Alexander the Great – it was his portrait Jim handed once to the stylist.
  6. 20 facts from the book "None of us will get out of here alive"
  7. Jim Morrison signed up for the Health Club in Beverly Hills, after one of the fans, who happened to meet him on the street, said that the singer is getting fat. However, Morrison quickly forgot about his impulse.
  8. The Doors had a policy of unanimity – if something did not suit all the band members, then it was not done at all.
  9. Over time, around Jim Morrison gathered a special circle of people, with whom he raided the nearby bars. I entered it and was not very well known at that time Alice Cooper.
  10. Pamela Courson completely disliked Jim’s beard and she openly declared that with her he looked like an old-fashioned mountaineer
  11. During that scandalous concert of The Doors in Miami, one of the organizers came to such despair that he grabbed a microphone and said that “Someone is jumping!”
  12. Morrison spent astronomical amounts on accounts in bars and on custom-made clothes. In his wardrobe was a lizard leather jacket and a pony embryo skin suit for $ 2,200.
  13. A group of drug fighters from the Do It Society Today persuaded Jim to make an audio address to his fans and tell them that the amphetamine is killing. After many attempts, the reporter left with nothing.

-Hello, your ass poked your head out, listening to the radio, instead of doing household chores. This is Jim Morrison of The Doors …

-Hey, how are you? This is your old buddy Jim Morrison, I’m singing in a band called The Doors, you probably heard it. We made a few songs, but I never wrote a song under amphetamine. That’s fucking drunk, that’s yeah ….

-Hi, this is Jim Morrison from The Doors. I just want to tell you that it’s bad for amphetamine to work, so it’s best to smell it.

-Hello, this is Jim Morrison. Do not colitis with amphetamine. Oh, God, you better smoke the grass.

  1. To avoid military service, Jim thoroughly spoiled his health with the help of drugs, and at the recruiting point declared himself gay.
  2. In his student years, Jim and his friends had an unusual entertainment – a competition for stealing books from the store. The one who in the course of an hour endured the most expensive of the books sold won.
  3. One day, Jim went into Pamela’s store and was introduced to a pretty young girl. Being not quite sober, he shouted “Urrra! Look at these boobs! “. But at that moment a married woman of about fifty entered the store and decided that this remark related to her. She threw herself at Jim with her handbag and started chasing him around the counter, and fell behind only after she gave him two or three cracks.
  4. Jim Morrison was very attentive to his fans. In Philadelphia, he rented a room in a hotel for two of his fans who turned out to be without money and without a roof over their heads, and one day he gave his jacket to some teenager who was caught in a downpour, and he was getting up from the cold. And this is not all examples.
  5. The famous words spoken by Morrison during the song The End, and almost cost The Doors career, in fact inspired by Nietzsche and his “Birth of tragedy.” “Fuck the mother, kill the father” – the story of Oedipus in its pure form.
  6. The Doors were incredibly serious about photo shoots – especially Jim. Famous shots, where Morrison is naked to the waist and facing the camera directly, were born only after several hours of work in the studio, and how much he worked this house at home to anyone and it is not known.
  7. Back in Florida, Jim wrote a treatise on the sexual neurosis of the crowd and tested it in practice at his own concerts, bringing his fans to frenzy.
  8. When the 13-year-old fan came to the office of The Doors, Danny Sullivan, he was not driven home, but given a job – he answered fan letters to the group, since Jim did not want to entrust this soulless commercial service. Morrison himself became something like an older brother for Danny.

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