Steampunk alive

World exhibition in Paris in stereopairs and photographs. Photo: Yulia Tarabarina, At the entrance to the hall of the Aptekarsky order we are met by a large “harmonica” camera on our feet, we read: the universal road, for the pavilion and the road, the McKelen system, is called “Acme”, just like the poetic circle

Smart ovens: what modern technology is capable of

Revolutionary technology One of the main discoveries of the exhibition was the Dialog Oven oven with a conceptually new approach to cooking. Under the motto of Revolutionary excellence, the manufacturer demonstrated how several dishes can be cooked simultaneously. Each dish remains fragrant, the oven itself controls the process and makes adjustments where and when it

Architects about architects: 5 names that inspire

1. Joseph Diran / Carlo Scarpa Joseph Dirand Architecture, Paris. “I have experienced periods of passion for many designers, my taste is constantly evolving. But today, definitely, my hero is Carlo Scarpa. In his works there is a special germination of classics. He often had to reconstruct historical buildings, invade layers of centuries ago, enter

“I could not find a better man for life”: Cindy Crawford touching congratulated the husband for a wedding anniversary

Cindy Crawford with her husband / Photo: Instagram Cindy Crawford married, Raja Gerber in 1998, the couple has two children: son Presley Walker and daughter Kaia Jordan. Gerber – businessman, owner of the trendy restaurants and Nightclubs in Los Angeles. Interestingly, before marriage Cindy Crawford for some time, was Dating Clooney, but the final choice

Cherchez la femme: Gaspard Ullel in search of the dream girl in the video Bleu de Chanel

The fragrance of Bleu de Chanel was released in 2010. Since then, the composition, loved by both sexes, has improved. This year, a combination of wood and citrus notes changes in perfume. Cedar was still a leitmotif, but perfumer Olivier Polje decided to add a recognizable bouquet of sandalwood from New Caledonia, thereby making the

Vodyanova persuaded Noize MC to sing the opera on the bus

Noise MC gave an unusual concert in Moscow. The opera on wheels had several ideological inspirers: supermodel Natalya Vodyanova, idol of the youth Noize MC and the company “Red Square”. The latter organized this action for the charitable program of the Foundation Natalia Vodyanova. The idea is to attract attention to the charity of young

Kanye West bought a photo of Whitney Houston’s bath. What does the nephew of the singer think about this?

Kanye West and Pusha T A couple of days ago, a new album of rapper Pusha T (41) DAYTONA, which was produced by Kanye (40). For the cover, West bought a photo of Whitney Houston’s bathroom, where the scattered narcotic drugs are clearly visible, for 85,000 dollars. And while fans of both rappers are delighted