200-meter crack appeared in New Zealand overnight: video

A giant failure occurred 17 kilometers from the city of Rotorua on the territory of a local farm. According to her manager, the failure occurred on the night of April 29th.

A funnel was discovered by one of the farm workers when, on Monday morning, drove the herd to milking. Fortunately, no one was hurt because of the opening was reduced by tens of square meters. The owner of the farm intends to enclose the failure of the fence: on, to fall asleep.

The depth of the karst crater, which was nicknamed the Grand Canyon of Rotorua, is about 20 meters, the length is 200 meters, the width of some places reaches 30 meters. It could fit a six-story house.

Such karst funnels are formed when water dissolves and flushes rocks (in this case – limestone) that is underground. Over time, then, collapses or settles.

The gorge that arose overnight did not surprise the locals very much: there are nine similar ones in the district, most of them were formed in the last couple of years.

However, so large did not know the owner of the land. The Grand Canyon of Rotorua have appeared for another century, but in this case, heavy rains played a role: at the end of April, there were 170 mm of precipitation in 38 hours.

The study of the new funnel will take specialists from the New Zealand Royal Research Institute.

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