4 the role of impeding woman to get married

Every woman has a number of installations that prevent her from happily married. It is including the images that she wears. Today we will talk about four roles that exist in a woman’s life. In fact, a huge number of them, but we will focus on the most effective, which need to develop and nurture.

Julius Lansce – certified matchmaker, love-coach, expert and innovator on building relationships with successful men:

Women usually have only two or three “broken” built-in roles, which it automatically uses. Perhaps they are the ones that you should get rid of.

Stuck in not the most pleasant to the male gaze roles, a woman is not aware that they are in the way to your love one and harmony in personal relationships.

But let’s talk about constructive and fruitful images of women, which lead to a harmonious image of his Wife.

If we look back into the past, we will see that over time, the redistribution of male and female roles. An ancient woman sat in the cave, kept the fire alive, had children and did everything to posterity. She cared about her husband, who was returning from hunting, after covering a mammoth, and her husband, took care of all interaction with the outside world.

But centuries passed, and the roles of husband and wife widened. A different life, a different perception of status in society. What are the main roles at the moment?

4 the role of impeding woman to get married

Woman-The Wife

It’s a perfect balance in a woman’s life. She creates a home, a family cosiness, support the home harmony. She has a fostered a good atmosphere and sincere warmth of human relations. She is the real soul of a happy family, fairy comfort. In her house, peacefully and harmoniously, then you can afford to relax without fear that you will not understand. She develops sexual relations are an important part of marriage. The woman is in the center of the universe, and that is what we must strive for.

How to become a Woman-Wife? It consists of many components. Let’s look at these roles. A child is born, it grows, and now. Who is she, the woman-Girl?

First role: Girl and Girl

Women Girl She behaves like a little girl.

She is constantly in search of support and care, “asking for hands”. Infantile does not make decisions on their own because psychologically immature, small. But constantly acting out, sulking, offended by everyone. But this woman-the Girls have their positive traits. For example, it is immediate, therefore, can sincerely rejoice, admire. Near rave girl man feels strong, important, he lets his male destiny. This role is in any case impossible to enable on the first date, and when we started the relationship.

The Woman-Girl – she is aware of his sexuality, is able to “turn on” men of your feminine energy.

She has grown up and become more conscious, enjoys online sex, feminine wiles, acting on them. The understanding of female nature that may affect others. But this state has a significant drawback – the lack of stability, sobriety of thought and wisdom of women. Much on emotions and affects, with adolescent finality.

4 the role of impeding woman to get married

Second role: Mother and Grandmother

The Woman-Mother – the main purpose of women: to bear, to procreate. Little girls are already taking the pups on the handles and shake them – it is inherent in our nature originally, by nature. But the maternal instinct, in addition to children carries over into her husband. She’s not “mommy” for her husband, and in his eyes is the heiress of the family, worthy of the mother of his children.

If a man will not feel the woman’s potential for motherhood, it will never make her an offer.

The Woman Grandmother – natural formation of women.

She can be a grandmother to their grandchildren, giving them your warmth and affection, if implemented as a mom. She is understanding and kind, full of goodness and light. If such an implementation has not occurred, it can become an ugly old grandmother at the door on the bench. Always grumbling and dissatisfied with everything, like an old woman with nothing.

4 the role of impeding woman to get married

Third role: a Goddess and a Wise Ruler

The Woman Is A Goddess – the one who inspires and creates, fills all with its warmth and energy.

To bring peace and harmony, the woman must remove from your heart all the frustrations and resentments, to appreciate all those around her. Her accent needs to implement creativity and success. She is a Muse, inspiring her man, next to a woman, he blossoms. And, one woman might have several Goddesses, multiplying the image of women.

Many women expect from their partner’s responsibility, but men are not in a hurry so to be. But they all want to take action, and then happily take it on myself, with the desire to protect and nurture his woman. The goddess just encourages a loved one to these actions.

Woman-Wise-The Ruler – this role knows where and how to build your relationship in the long run.

She gently guides man to act in the right direction. She is able to look to the future of the relationship. If a woman does not understand, she may have to wait for a proposal.

But her love does not depend on her. It has its interests, range of interests, favorite things. It is implemented in the profession, stands firmly on his feet. A woman finds herself in, inside, out of, internal combustion, and they do not depend solely on external factors. It thus manages to find happiness with a real man.

4 the role of impeding woman to get married

Fourth role: Dear Friend, my love-virgin

Woman-Dear Friend – her man sees it.

Her man stands out among all their friends and acquaintances. He gets to her, spends time trying to know better. Cute girlfriend knows how to reveal facets of personality and to interest a man. She knows the brink of their sexuality, not moves them, and so she manages to harmoniously put their relationships with men.

Woman’s Favorite Virgin – the one who can control his instincts, she is sexy and sensual. That’s who a man loves.

She is creative, sensual and passionate, seductive and enticing. Sexual energy is the energy of life given to us from birth, and she knows about his tremendous power and uses it. Besides sexy, this is her creative, creative energy. When we do not repress it, and we give it a way out, consciously develop and cultivate it, our lives are consciously becoming saturated and bright.

4 the role of impeding woman to get married

All roles have their pros, and each of them have to take everything. This will be the perfect balanced, multifaceted way.But how to create in yourself this way?

First and foremost, realize their role or the symbiosis of the roles (such as being for a man and a vest, and eternal friend). Who are you at the moment? Analyze relationships with men. Their behavior is the effect of your role.

If you just call in a sexual relationship without serious intentions, most likely, you are a Mistress. This role is reserved only for the bedroom with her man and no one to see her. If you are in the friend-zone and you are not more than nice to talk to you Sweet Friend. And so – in all roles.

The next stage – transformation. Move in related roles. Let the enthusiastic Girl go into the Girl with her perceived sexuality, and her spontaneity and enthusiasm will be combined with physical attractiveness. Mistress will take the role of convenience women will create an incentive to elect for a serious relationship. It will begin to inspire a man for a serious relationship and like the Goddess and of the role of the Ruler, carefully steer the ship of the family to the heavenly harbor. Dear Friend, which was considered a friend to chat, add a little mystery and try to move into the role of the Beloved. The wise mother and grandmother with her virtues will be the person who would want to see in the role of mother to their children.

A reasonable combination of all the roles that give us a wonderful, beloved Woman-the Wife to which we should strive. And sure to interest any man, even the most serious and status, can only be such a complete personality.

And I, Julius Lansce, expert selection ideal partner for marriage, bestselling author of “The Rose of Love and Femininity” I wish you to create your perfect image of a woman.

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