Artists Cirque du Soleil for free performed in “Charge” in Moscow

Artists Cirque du Soleil for free performed in "Charge" in Moscow

Artists know this circus stroll around the capital

The famous Cirque du Soleil arrived with a tour to Russia. The plane with the artists landed in Moscow, two hours later from the hotel "Slavic" already in the make-up left the Butterfly, the Beetle, the Fleas. "Komsomolskaya Pravda" I managed to communicate with the artists before they performed in the park "Charge".

– What do you know about Russia? – I ask.

– Few words. One, two, three, work. Thank you. Vodka, “laughs the Austrian Gérald Regičnig, who is also Zhuk.

We sit in the bus to show Moscow to foreign guests. Just imagine, the Ladybird hardly dangles into the narrow door, and Mucha turns around to go through all the parts of the costume.

Artists Cirque du Soleil for free performed in "Charge" in MoscowTour of Moscow

– I have an hour and a half left on the make-up. All these eyelashes, drawings, – admits Bloch, she is Alexander Karimulina, representing the show in Russia.

– Well, we spend less time, – say Alexander Samoylov and Yaroslav Sorokin.

– And how did you get into the show? – I ask.

– We acrobats, sports career finished in the summer, passed the selection in Montreal and from January got into the troupe. During this time we visited Germany, Poland, we had two months of tour in London, and now we have arrived in Russia, “says Yaroslav Sorokin.

– You have a very busy schedule. For example, in Moscow from 8 to 20 May. Very tired?

– Well, one day off will be, – laughs Yaroslav.

Artists Cirque du Soleil for free performed in "Charge" in MoscowArtists on the observation deck on Vorobyovy Gory

– Do you have any limitations? Sleep more, eat less?

– There is nothing like that. Although, God’s cow does not lose weight. And our patroness Alexandra, too. She is only 39 kg – we know her weight. Although if it was heavier, then we would still have caught it, – laughs Yaroslav.

The spectators on the observation platform on Vorobyovy Gory were shocked when the Zhuk, Fleas, and the Ladybird emerged from the usual bus.

Artists Cirque du Soleil for free performed in "Charge" in MoscowPassing by the Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed, insects literally stopped the movement

– This Luzhniki, – we tell the artists. – There will be matches of the World Cup.

– Class. This is an attractive tree. Come on, pogrezem, joking insects.

Tourists from China immediately began to be photographed with them, but it was still not seen by the artists of Moscow State University.

– They ran!

In a moment the artists were back on the bus. Everyone was interested in them. And the Moscow River, and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Full admiration of the artists called in the park "Charge"

– And this is Peter Pan? asked Zhuk, pointing at the monument to Peter I.

– Almost, we laugh.

– And this is Red Square. Not because it’s red, but because it’s beautiful, – talking.

– I remember once came to Red Square to take a picture and back to the airport. From me a taxi driver took 15 000 rubles, – says Alexander Karimulina.

– It’s a lot, – I will be indignant.

– Now I know.

Artists Cirque du Soleil for free performed in "Charge" in Moscow

With the artists wanted to be photographed all

Full admiration of the artists called in the park "Charge". Passing by the Temple of St. Basil the Blessed, the insects literally stopped the movement. The cars stopped, the drivers opened the windows and took pictures on smartphones.

With the artists wanted to be photographed all: cyclists, tourists, ladies with dogs. Fleas tied shoelaces to passers-by, pressed multimedia screens, touched birches. "Who is it?", "Cirque du Soleil in Moscow", "now there will be a speech" – people discussed. At this time, near the glassy bark, the audience gathered. They knew that Cirque du Soleil will give a small potpourri from Diabolo and Acrobatic Trio. But first he began to get acquainted with several characters of the show – the magnificent Ladybird, the arrogant and self-confident Fly and the one who loves to direct Master Flipo.

Artists Cirque du Soleil for free performed in "Charge" in Moscow

Artists Cirque du Soleil free of charge "Charge"

Applause. And the show began. Artists showed acrobatic numbers, squeaked, buzzed. A street performance without music, which was shown at the highest point of the park – the Great Amphitheater, is only a small part of the show, which will be shown in "Luzhniki Stadium" from 8 to 20 May. Tickets will cost from 2500 to 13 000 rubles.

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