Convicted Sergei Sichkar is disappointed with the past members of “House-2”

Convicted Sergei Sichkar is disappointed with the past members of "House-2"Sergey Sichkar

The star of the reality show “Dom-2” Sergei Sichkar decided to try his luck again and returned to the walls of his own reality show. The first time he came to the site in 2013 and even was able to build a relationship with Alexandra Skorodumova. However, after the couple left the project, the lovers decided to part ways. In 2015, he was convicted of selling stolen cars on the black market. For this he was given three years in prison, but released twice as fast. Now the man reappeared on the famous telestroy to find a girl who will accept him as he is. Condemned ex-participant of “Doma 2” Sergei Sichkar: “In prison you are no longer interested in money”

Despite the fact that his reputation is far from ideal, Sergei is disappointed in the girls, whose unpleasant past pops up. Now he tries not to scatter words and admit to love, in order to better look at potential brides.

“There are pretty girls on the project, but I want to get to know them better, because when I communicate, I learn some nuances, details from their past life, after which I do not really want to communicate …” – Sirkach confessed.

Convicted Sergei Sichkar is disappointed with the past members of "House-2"

Sergei has not yet decided which of the girls on the project he likes more

Nevertheless, a man does not rule out that he can understand and forgive a girl for some dark spots in her biography. In his opinion, it is within the reality show that one can very well know a person – after all, all participants are almost always next to each other.

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“I really want to fall in love! Perimeter, as a rule, when you do not like something in a person, you stop talking to him. And here you are always near and you close your eyes to some things. There are no ideal people, everyone has some shortcomings, but it is much easier to struggle with them here, on the project. Because, firstly, we are prone to these shortcomings. Secondly, we have tremendous support from the leaders, who competently and reasonably give us specific advice, plus the participants help each other, “Sergei believes.

Convicted Sergei Sichkar is disappointed with the past members of "House-2"Now Sichkar wants to fall in love again // Photo: Instagram

Now a 31-year-old man wants to find a single, so he decided not to spray on fleeting intrigues. But Sergei does not rule out that he can make mistakes. Nevertheless, he told Dom2Life that he will try to choose the girl with whom he hopes to connect his life as carefully as possible.

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